Mastro’s, Beverly Hills

We had a very special family celebration last weekend.

My daughter recently completed her Master’s program (with honors!), at the ripe old age of 22.  A few weeks later, she turned 23.

A very significant graduation and a birthday (almost) at the same time!

(It’s very odd she turned 23 when I’m only 24 … but!)

We thought about throwing her a big graduation party, but ended up planning a family celebration at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills.

Mastro’s Ocean Club in Newport Beach is our favorite, special occasion, restaurant.

My daughter is living in L.A. now, so we thought we’d try the Mastro’s in Beverly Hills.

It was a beautiful day.  Prior to dinner I begged for a visit to nearby Santa Monica.

View of Santa Monica beach

The Santa Monica and Malibu beaches are the primary beaches of my childhood, so I always enjoy visiting.

Eventually, the afternoon ended and it was time to meet my daughter (and her long-time boyfriend) at Mastro’s.

Mastro's Steakhouse, Beverly Hills

Can you see the above, tiny, photo of the restaurant exterior?

(For once in my life, I didn’t take photos – leaving me dependent on Google’s image search.)

Mastro’s is apparently ranked as the top restaurant in Beverly Hills, something I didn’t know when I planned our celebration.

There were six of us in our party, and every one of us absolutely loved our drinks/food/service.

As Briefcase and I have experienced at the Newport Beach Mastro’s Ocean Club, the food was extraordinarily delicious.

Servings are always large at Mastro’s, and sides (and salads!) are intended to be shared.

If you don’t have a Mastro’s in your area, you might be familiar with the restaurant from reading about it in many of the celebrity-type magazines.

Photo of brad pitt

Brad Pitt (seen above exiting Mastro’s) and a zillion other celebrities frequent the Beverly Hills Mastro’s.

To be honest, a lot of celebrities frequent Mastro’s at their other locations too.

The Beverly Hills location has a very strong celebrity/Hollywood/L.A./Beverly Hills/See and Be Seen feel to it.

If you’re into star gazing, you’ll most likely spot at least one celebrity while visiting.

(We’ve run into several celebrities at the Orange County Mastro’s locations too.  The OC locations, however, don’t have the same hyped up feeling.)

The food is equally delicious at all three of the Mastro locations I’ve been fortunate enough to try.

Personally, my favorite is the Ocean Club in Newport Beach.

The Beverly Hills location is crowded in comparison.  They pack a lot of tables into the space they have.

(I wish they had a few less tables and a little more breathing room.)

The Newport Beach location is much more beautiful, spacious, and relaxing.

That being said,

We had a delicious meal, the service could not have been better, and we had a fantastic evening.

It was a very special treat for our entire family, and not an evening any of us will be forgetting soon.

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  1. Gaelyn

    Did you see any celebs? I wouldn’t know one from another.

    Congrats to your daughter. A masters at 22/23 is very impressive.


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