Oregon – Nowhere Land

I’m still in AbsolutelyNowhere, Oregon.

The weather was better yesterday –

Which means it rained off and on instead of ON all day long.

I helped my mom pick zillions of ripe strawberries from her garden.

I roamed through my parent’s orchard.

I picked (and ate) a few cherries off a wild cherry tree.

I chased a group of five turkeys and yelled, “Cluck, cluck!” while running after them.

(They answered gobble!  gobble!)

I went out and took a few photos too.

I know, for many of you, it’s hard to believe there are still places as remote as AbsolutelyNowhere.

TRUST ME – they exist!

The use of a cell phone and the gigantic hoops I have to jump through to access the Internet are proof –

It’s exhausting.

How did people get by in past centuries?

Above is a photo of a neighbor’s barn as seen just before (more) rain.

I use the term “neighbor” loosely because there is really no such thing here.

Here’s another site I’d never see in Orange County:

Abandoned Buick in empty field

People don’t leave old Buicks in large empty fields where I live.

(Although, I admit to being completely charmed by the concept!)

In fact, I think I could walk through the countryside taking photos of old barns, abandoned cars, etc. for DAYS.

I’m hoping to have a little more access to the Internet today.

(But I can’t be sure of that, of course!)

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  1. karen

    Oregon reminds alot of parts of Connecticut. People don’t think of Connecticut as a rural state, however we’ve got lots of farmland and forests, lakes, rivers, etc….

    I am SO enjoying getting to know a little of the Oregon wilds through you 🙂


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