I made the mistake of reading this CNN article about the Sandusky trial the other day.

I am horrified on so many levels.

Something about reading the words of the victims made the case so much more terrible than I already thought it was.

(And believe me, I already thought it was REALLY terrible.)

The devastation one individual can cause to so many lives is enormous.

The one thing I can’t get out of my mind, however, is Sandusky’s wife.

(Photo of Dottie Sandusky via the Internet)

I know a lot about child abuse, and sexual abuse.

I know there are often people who enable twisted, sick-minded, individuals.

Even though I know these things on an intellectual level,

I can’t wrap my brain around his wife.

No amount of text book knowledge about abusers will ever allow me to understand HER.

And yes, I’m sure some of you will tell me he hasn’t been convicted of anything YET.


I do know, if my husband was inviting young boys over for sleep overs on a regular basis I wouldn’t think of it as normal.

If it was common practice for my husband to tell me he was “going downstairs to tell them good night,” it just might seem odd.

If my husband was showering with boys at work, and spending a good deal of his leisure time with people decades younger than himself,

I might question WHY.

Also …?

If I heard the love letters he wrote to children read aloud in court,

If I heard the boys who slept over testifying about being sodomized,

I sure as hell wouldn’t be standing by his side and taking the stand on his behalf.

I just can’t wrap my brain around HER.

Can you?

17 Responses to “Sandusky”

  1. karen

    I’m just as horrified by all this as you. When I heard that they used to serve as Foster parents as well, I gasped. The man is a preditor… and shame on her for turning a blind eye to every f’ing sign along the way. disgusting.

  2. Kathy

    I’ve been wondering that too. Those other people who testified Sandusky is a good guy don’t actually have to live with him. She knows him better than anyone. She’s either deliberately blind to this…or maybe she has a personality disorder too?! Or maybe she thinks she has to say these to preserve her marriage?

    I know seone who was living with a guy who raped her daughter. She had no clue it was going on until her daughter shared the info. But then it all the little things (like the guy wanting to babysit?!!) made sense and she did what she needed to do to protect her daughter. That is an appropriate response. This is baffling.

  3. Jan's Sushi Bar

    You’d be amazed at what people can turn a blind eye when they really want to, especially in circumstances like this. I’m sorry to say I have way too much experience with similar situations. The maternal side of my family is extraordinarily fucked up.

    Sandusky hasn’t been convicted yet, but I find it hard to believe he won’t be. My only question is will he go to prison, or kill himself first. I hope he doesn’t; child molesters do really hard time.

  4. Jane

    It makes me sick that he got away with it for so many years AND that his wife is sticking by him. I’d be gone in a heartbeat. It’s just vile. How could you live in the same house with him and NOT know?

  5. Denise

    Can you say…..MONEY?!!? Sandusky was GOOD at what he did….coaching I mean. Football brings in MILLIONS and MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars in revenue. Blind eyes are turned on people in high places that can keep on producing that money. The men at the top covered up Sanduskys *proclivity* so the money could keep on flowing into their paychecks. The same thing for his wife. She knew if she *killed* her golden goose there would be no more golden eggs in her life. She loved her lifestyle. When the little boys screamed in her basement she probably turned the T.V. volume up higher to drown out their crys for help. I pray that justice is served to all. I am so anxiously awaiting the day when I don’t have to see Sandusky’s smiling face EVERY day on the T.V. news. God bless those young men who courageously stood up to him in court. May nothing but good things enter their lives from now on. Ohhh, and something else….A huge percentage of men in prison were sexually abused when they were little boys. I’ve heard that payback is a bitch.

  6. gd

    The whole Sandusky mess sickens me. I can’t even bear to listen to the news or read an article about him.

    I do believe SPORTS is the key to this cover-up, with ‘good ole boys’ covering up for him and each other. Sports are too dominant and worshipped from young aged children to adults.

  7. Beverly

    There was a predator of young females at my university. Wife, a truckload of kids. He was eventually fired but I can’t even tell you how long it took and how hard it was and how other people lost their jobs in the process. You would think it would be the most simple thing in the world. This guy taught philosophy and I actually sat in a classroom and listened to him explain narcissism. He was so in denial it was surreal. When he finally got fired, guess where he got another job? In a girls private high school. He was charming and jovial and had a father that had also worked at the university about whom there were also stories of abuse. It just boggles the mind how people don’t want to believe the obvious.


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