The Backyard – Oregon

Apparently, thirty bucks on a MiFi buys about ten minutes of Internet time.

So – I’ll be very brief with my posts until I get home.

(Also, I’m seeing your comments via my phone but I may not respond to them until I have better Internet access.  My apologies!)

My parents have quite a few acres of land here in AbsolutelyNowhere, Oregon.

I love the forest areas especially.

Today, I thought I’d share with you a photo of a portion of their backyard:

It’s no wonder so many deer call this place home.

(I saw more deer babies yesterday.  They’re everywhere.  The fawns are SO cute!)

I also encountered a not-so-cute-but-harmless snake.

It rained pretty much all day yesterday so I spent my time:

•  Spending another hour-plus dealing with the biggest United Airlines screw-up in the recorded history of any airline.

•  Talking to my web designers and apologizing for the fact I’m now the one causing a delay with my site redesign.

*  Reading The Other Boleyn Girl.   (I’ll come back and link to it whenever I have Internet again!)

•  Walking through the forest in the rain.

•  Talking to several deer who looked at me quizzically, but seemed to know I’m nothing to be afraid of.

•  Asking a wild turkey if he’d make a good dinner.  (He looked at me and gobbled.  I think that means YES.)

My two minutes of Internet time is up … more as soon/if I’m able ….!

6 Responses to “The Backyard – Oregon”

  1. karen

    I love pine forests… and ours here aren’t quite what you’ve got there in Oregon… I can almost smell the pine needles!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I love pine too … but these are actually fir trees, not pine trees. There are some pine trees here, but it’s a little too wet for them in Oregon.

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Wow – the middle of nowhere in Oregon looks a lot like East Texas…which makes it beautiful. And now I’m homesick.


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