The California Dream

House by the ocean in Orange County


8 Responses to “The California Dream”

  1. tonya cinnamon

    always enjoy your photos. I get to see and experience the life and flavor of your state and many others through them 🙂

  2. Erica

    Are most of your beaches for looking at rather than swimming in, or is it the way you take the pictures?

    They are beautiful, but I don’t think I’d go into the water.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      The surf was very rough the evening I shot this photo.

      Most of our beaches are swimming/sunbathing beaches vs. just looking at. People don’t swim right where the rocks are though because the tide could throw them against the rocks.

      There’s actually a huge, wide, beach behind me from where I took this shot. People are in the water all the time and surfers love it. The water here is not super warm compared to Hawaii or Florida so surfers wear wetsuits in the winter. People do swim year round, but I only swim in the ocean during summer and fall when the water is a little warmer.


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