The Whirlwind of My Life

Whew – is it time for a weekend yet?

We had a very busy Father’s Day weekend, and it wasn’t the least bit relaxing (at least, not for me).

Well, except for this part:

Sunset photo at Laguna Beach, Orange County, California

I spent most of my weekend making multiple trips to grocery stores, cooking, cleaning, entertaining, figuring out menus to use lots of stuff from our CSA box, blah, blah, blah.


Sheesh, I wear myself out sometimes.  (Someone should tell me to RELAX a little more.)

Last week, I mentioned something had come up and I need to change upcoming plans and travel to Oregon.

I’m flying out this Friday and I’ll be gone for about six days (two of which will be very long travel days).

I’m looking forward to seeing my parents who live on a beautiful little ranch in the middle of AbsolutelyNowhere, Oregon.

I’m not looking forward to the actual travel experience – a series of flights and car drives taking almost a full day both ways.

My parents don’t have Internet access where they live and I just might die without it.

(I’ve already warned them I’ll need “to go into the city” at least once or twice while I’m there.)

Seriously, I didn’t realize there are still parts of the world without Internet access –

What the hell?

Isn’t this 2012?

I thought everyone had wireless (high speed!) Internet by now?

By the way, “the city” is an hour away from where my parents live.

Can you say REMOTE?

Isn’t there some sort of app I can use?  (Let’s invent one and name it Internet Anywhere.)

My parents always say “there’s nothing to do” and “nothing to take photos of” where they live.

I disagree.

OK, so maybe there isn’t anything to do –

But there’s a lot to take photos of.

My parents live with forest and farmland,

And a sky so big and magnificent at night – it literally takes my breath away.

It’s a place so different from where I live, and from where I grew up.

My camera will stand out among the locals like a sore thumb,

But I will have it with me at all times.

I’ll do my best to capture the silence of the forest …

The hard work of the farmland.

I’m a little bit nervous, actually.

I want my lens to record the reality of AbsolutelyNowhere, Oregon –

I’ll be so disappointed if I don’t succeed.

15 Responses to “The Whirlwind of My Life”

  1. Michelle

    I look forward to seeing Absolutely.Nowhere, Oregon. I grew up in the Middle.of.Nowhere, Victoria, Australia, and still love going up to visit my parents (though they have moved off the farm now into town – about 1,000 people in town), because it is quiet and there is nothing to do, and nowhere I have to be doing stuff for others. 🙂
    Enjoy your time.

  2. karen

    I’m so excited to see the photos from this trip!!! And I didn’t know there were still places without internet access! I couldn’t live in a place without internet, even if it were the most beautiful place on earth. I’ve never been to Oregon, but it looks like a beautiful state… give us a tour of your little nowhere location!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      It’s very beautiful where they live … when it isn’t raining, anyway. They will be getting Internet “sometime” in the future. There’s a man with a shovel “down the road a bit” trying to put it in. LOL! : )

  3. Diane

    It will do you good to go to Nowhere and relax. Sometimes I think we bloggers can be wound a bit too tight and we need to learn that it’s okay to unplug and be au naturale with the world. Looking forward to your photography and unplugged experience. :-))

  4. Gaelyn

    I’m rather glad to know there’s still places with no internet for us to unplug and really enjoy the beauty of rural. So many gorgeous natural places in Nowhere,Oregon. Enjoy.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Yes, I might even get to see a river! : ) I grew up in Southern California, but I spent many childhood summer days playing in Oregon!

  5. Amy

    If there is cell phone service there, you might think about getting a portable internet hotspot device from your provider. I have a Verizon one I take with me when traveling and it works great!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I looked into that today actually. I haven’t ruled it out, but they’re kind of expensive and I probably won’t need it again for quite awhile!

      • Michelle

        Some smartphones can be portable hotspots (I know my husband can use his HTC as a wi-fi hotspot). It may depend on your handset or provider though

  6. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Dear, it’s time to RELAX. I hope you get the opportunity to while visiting your folks – have a good time, my friend!

    Can’t you tether your iPhone for internet access?

  7. Missy

    I have a great suggestion for your CSA box of fruits and veggies (someone may have already commented, but with the new job I don’t have time to read anymore). JUCING! Since my daughter moved home and bought a juicer this is our new morning breakfast. Delicious and nutricious. This morning she used kale, spinach, celery, lemon, orange, strawberry, pineapple, apple and finishes with a bit of ginger. Such a great way to consume a large quantity of fruits and veggies. Have a nice trip.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Once you’re comfortable in your new job, you’ll have to do what all my other readers do – read me while you’re at work! LOL!
      I’ve always wanted a juicer and never had one. Maybe I’ll put it on my Christmas list next December! : )


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