Whew! What a Week!

My friends at BorrowLenses.com have an awesome contest going on to win a GREAT camera (either a Canon 5D Mark III OR a Nikon D800)! 

I wanted to pass on the link to those of you who might be interested:  Click HERE

My week came to an especially stressful ending yesterday.

It was nothing important in the grand scheme of life, but frustrating nonetheless.

(Isn’t that true for most things that cause us stress?)

Today and tomorrow I need to turn my attention to my house guests.

I’m taking a deep breath and letting the work-related stress gooooo!

Hummingbird flying to feeder

2 Responses to “Whew! What a Week!”

  1. Michelle

    I like your sliding pics on the top of your page. Very nice.

    Enjoy your house guests.

  2. Jenny in MN now in AZ

    Software and computer issues always build in many more hours and/or months or ‘try again’ phases. Something I have too much experience with now on different levels. Hang in there.

    Glad you still have someone to help your body with the pain issues. You are doing so much in your life even though you probably with it was more. Makes my heart smile when I read your posts of how busy you are and all the new pictures you have been able to take.

    Enjoy your time with your house guest! Thank you for sharing your blog and pictures with us!


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