Follow-Up Friday

Sorry for the craziness this week.

It’s very stressful for a blogger to have a broken blog.

If you are a subscriber to Twenty Four At Heart, you may not be receiving my posts.  I hope you’ll stop by and visit the blog directly until GiggaSavvy is able to fix whatever’s going on.

•  There’s a new post today on my Photography Page.  I’m telling you this because …. the Photography Feed was also broken.  I *think* it’s fixed now.  But?  That could change any minute.

•  There was an error made on the Photography Feed/Subscription the first few days it was up and running.  Apologies from GiggaSavvy.  If you subscribed in the first day or two (as I suggested to all of you), your feed is not working.  To make matters worse, you won’t be able to get it to work now – even if you unsubscribe and re-subscribe.  (Trust me I TRIED!)

•  What can you do to fix this if you aren’t getting the Photography feed and you already subscribed to it?  You can request it via this feed in your reader:

•  If you haven’t yet subscribed to the photography feed/page/blog, but would like to  –  you can do so now via the subscribe button in my navigation bar or by clicking here.

•  Again, apologies all around.  It wouldn’t be a new website if everything ran smoothly right from the start, right?

•  On a more positive note, some of my beach photos were featured in the Huffington Post this week!

•  I will be at Angel’s Stadium tonight.  Some of you might recall, they threatened to throw me out last time I visited.  This time, I promise not to bring a camera with me.  Well, except for my iPhone.  I’m such a hell-raiser!

•  Just for the record, I feel very naked without my camera.  I always have my camera with me.

•  I’m very behind on everything right now due to Website Chaos.  I apologize for not visiting many of my blog/Internet friends lately.

•  Lastly, I think I forgot to show you the beautiful roses Briefcase gave me for our 25th wedding anniversary.

He even had them delivered to the house.

Quite honestly, they were the prettiest roses I’ve ever seen –

And that’s saying something because I’ve seen a LOT of roses!

(And guess what?  I only have an unprocessed iPhone photo of them!)


Twenty five (25!!!!) long stem red roses.

They were beautiful.

P.S.  I don’t plan to post photos this weekend.  I will be back on Monday.  If my Monday post doesn’t show up in your reader, I hope you’ll stop by and visit the blog itself.

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