Here Kitty, Kitty!

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The mountain lion I wrote about yesterday, was trapped and is being relocated.

Sadly, he’s not being put back into the wild.

He will spend the rest of his days at a “wildlife sanctuary.”

Mr. Mountain Lion didn’t show any aggression toward humans, but he doesn’t appear to be afraid of them either.

This makes the local authorities afraid of potential lawsuits, I assume.

If they made the decision to release him into our local canyons/mountains, and Mr. Mountain Lion later ate someone, they’d be accused of bad judgment.

Poor kitty!

Here’s a photo the Orange County Register published of the cat at a local vet’s office:

Apparently Mr. Mountain Lion had fleas and ticks.


In any case, the vet has treated him (with Frontline – the same thing we use on our dogs) and he’ll be relocated soon.

Mountain lions (also known as cougars) are beautiful, powerful, animals.

I’m glad the authorities didn’t kill him.

After all, the poor guy was just minding his own business in our local mountains … as mountain lions are prone to do.

We have encroached on nature more than enough already here in California.

Now if they could just relocate the rest of our Orange County cougars …

I think they’re much more a threat to our society than this young mountain lion.

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