Home Sweet Home

I love seeing new places and new things.

I like traveling and meeting new people and/or seeing old friends.

At the same time, sometimes it’s just nice to be in my home environment.

I took the above photo through the car windshield as Briefcase drove to the concert on Sunday.

As I took it, I thought how nice it was not to be hopping on a plane this week.

My recent trip-from-hell, courtesy of United Airlines, made me glad of that.

(By the way, United Airlines – you still owe me $1,100 for your “human error” … remember?)

Oops – excuse my irate-passenger tangent.

As I was saying,

It’s nice to be home this week.

I returned from Oregon to find tomatoes ripe on the vine in my backyard.

The weather is hot, and the pool is warm.

There are swarms of hummingbirds visiting my feeder.

I counted TWENTY FOUR of them zipping around my patio area at one time last weekend!

(24!  My magic number!)

I didn’t capture all of them in one frame, but …!


It was almost as if they were welcoming me back.

Like I said, it’s nice to be home!

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