It’s a Small World

Six or seven weeks ago, I found myself on a flight from San Francisco to Orange County.

I was returning from the Google Photography Conference.

I made my way to my aisle seat and prepared for a boring journey home.

I apologized to the man seated next to me because I accidentally dropped some of my crap on him.

His name turned out to be Doug.

This is Doug:

Bass guitarist for Small World Band

When I met Doug, he looked much more corporate than he does in the above photo.

In fact, he looked like most of the other businessmen on the flight.

Doug and I ended up talking for most of the trip home.

By the time the flight landed in Orange County, I knew Doug was a musician and he knew I was a photographer.

Doug’s band (Small World Band) was performing at an outdoor concert yesterday in Dana Point.

I felt like a groupie when I arrived – especially when I was stopped by security.

“I’m with the band,” I told the serious-faced security officer.

(I admit, this made me have a mini-flashback to my college drummer-dating days.)

Doug came over to greet me, introduced me to the band members and his beautiful wife, and then I got to work.

The stage had a nice ocean view on one side.

Three thousand people (give or take?) attended the concert.

They enjoyed listening to the music, dancing, drinking, etc.

It was a gorgeous day.

I was backstage, stage left, stage right, and in front of the stage taking photos.

I haven’t had time to go through most of the shots yet, but I hope the band will be happy I was their photographer.

I know, I really enjoyed listening to them play!

6 Responses to “It’s a Small World”

  1. Linda M

    You have the most interesting days! I bet they will enjoy your pictures!!

    Last night I watched my terrier/chihuahua mix tear around my yard & jump 3 feet in the air trying to catch fireflies…. Central PA has a ton!

  2. Mimi

    I was at the concert yesterday. Small World Band was awesome! It was
    a magical day, love the photos.


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