Sweet, Sweet, Summertime

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Finally, it seems the absolute chaos of a blog redesign/new website is (hopefully?) calming down.

I know you only see what I publish, but quite honestly I’ve been working (in some way, shape or form) almost every waking moment for the last several years weeks.

I still plan on a big celebration soon!

(I’m just letting the dust settle for a tiny bit to make sure there aren’t any additional bugs.)

Please let me know if anything is funky from your viewpoint!

Speaking of dust,

I was at the Angel’s game last Friday night.  I was lucky enough to be invited to share in front row seats!  (Right next to the Angel’s dugout too!)

The players were on one side of the green wall, and my seat was right on the other.  (All I had to do was stand up to take the above iPhone photo.)

It was really fun to have a chance to be up close and personal.

(There’s something about a perfect male specimen in a baseball uniform …!)


Of course I was watching the game ….!

I also spent some time at the beach over the weekend.

(You can click on the above photo to purchase it.  It’s a one click photo!)

I had planned on doing a lot of long exposure shots, but I ran into trouble shortly after taking the above photo.

I had my tripod set up in the water.  (I don’t recommend ever setting up in the ocean unless you’re VERY accustomed to shooting in waves and shifting sand).  I was juggling a lot of photography-related crap.  I looked down and saw my Canon timer/remote controller floating in the Pacific.  It had fallen out of my pocket.  That was the end of my long exposure shooting for the day.

It was also the end of my remote.


At least it wasn’t the camera or a lens, right?  And it was an “old” remote which is certainly better than if it had been a new one.

We’ve had some stunning sunsets lately.

I was disappointed to no longer have a working cable release with me, so I had to compromise/adjust/improvise.

I positioned myself in the shallows of the ocean, up on a big rock.  I found a flat space to hold my camera steady and kept my fingers and toes crossed.

I had hiked quite a long way with all my gear, I didn’t want to hike back without at least one decent sunset shot.

(Especially since I knew I was posting sunset photography tips on my photo feed today.)

Briefcase tells me I was splayed out like an enormous walrus on the rocks.

OK, he didn’t really say exactly that.

He said I looked “funny” and that people were looking at me oddly.

Well, there’s nothing new about that, is there?

People have looked at me oddly my entire life and I almost always look “funny.”

In any case, I was rewarded with a beautiful sunset.

(You can click on the above photo to purchase it.  It’s a one click photo!)

I think, in the end, it was worth all the trouble.

It really was an exceptionally beautiful evening.

By the time I left the beach, I had my sunset shot.

I was also minus a camera remote.

I was plus wet clothes/shoes/socks.

And plus-plus an awful lot of sand.


I think I come home from shooting with more sand stuck to me than little kids do after a day burying each other in the sand at the beach.

P.S.  It might have taken hours to clean all my equipment after this particular outing.  Studio shooting seems like a dream job sometimes.

P.P.S. If you’d like some tips on improving your sunset photos, check out today’s post on my photography feed/blog!

8 Responses to “Sweet, Sweet, Summertime”

    • Suzanne

      Thanks Tonya – it’s now fixed. Also, you can click on the “Photography” tab in the top navigation link at anytime to visit the photography page.
      Again, thank you for letting me know!

  1. Gaelyn

    I know what you mean about it taking time to update a site, months for me but with no professional help, just friends. All worth it. Sorry about the release loss, but the photos are worth the sand. And who cares about looking funny.

    • Suzanne

      Sadly, using a referral from a friend the first time around is a big part of what caused me to need professional help this time! : )

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Yes, I’d say the shot was worth the trouble – that sunset photo is just lovely.

    They say if you sprinkle baby powder on yourself, it will help get the sand off of your body. Maybe that would help with your equipment?

    • Suzanne

      That would be wonderful, but powder is like dust … it could get inside the camera or lens mechanisms and ruin them. Too bad – it would make everything smell wonderful too! : )

  3. DuchessOmnium

    You went to a baseball game and didn’t post even one picture of an Angel’s bum? What were you thinking?

    • Suzanne

      Well, I did TAKE a few … I just didn’t SHARE! : )


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