The Boys In The Band

As of this particular moment –

The blog-redesign-still-not-being-done saga continues.

The wall in my office is dented from me banging my head against it so many times.

In the meantime, I’ve been putting in record-long hours working.

Most of my yesterday was spent editing photos from the concert last weekend.

The band members (Small World Band) should be proud – they did a great job and they were photogenic at the same time.

When you go to a concert, you always feel like the lead guitarist is looking right at YOU, don’t you?

The most difficult band member to get photos of was the drummer.  Drummers are always at the back of the stage.  Microphones, speakers, zillions of power cords intent on tripping a person, the stage itself … all sorts of things block a photographer from getting a good shot of the drummer.  There were also rules about staying low so I wouldn’t block the audience’s view.  I crawled around a lot.  I did zillions of squats.  I “walked” in a squat position for so long my legs felt like rubber noodles after the concert.  Also?  Outdoor concerts in the afternoon have the worst light imaginable for a photographer.  I have a whole new respect for photographers who specialize in concert photography.

But guess what?

In spite of the challenges, or maybe because of them, it was a fun event to photograph.

In the end, I was happy to get some good individual shots of each band member.

My favorite photo of the day was a group shot, though.

As soon as the last song concluded, there was time for one quick shot of the band with the crowd in the background.

6 Responses to “The Boys In The Band”

  1. Gaelyn

    You did a great job. Can’t be easy to crawl one handed with a camera.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Ha ha … no, and the camera is the hard part for me. Thank goodness for the “occupational therapy” I get to help me use a camera primarily with my left arm/hand.

  2. Anne

    I am impressed at what you accomplished. You are not letting your pain and injury stop you from doing all sorts of strenuous and interesting things. I love the picture of the sun glass reflection.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Thanks Anne. Sadly, it does stop me from doing as much photography as I’d like but I’ve come a long way. To be honest, I was on pain meds for several days after this event … it’s to be expected with my injuries. (And? It’s worth it to have this part of my life back – even in part!)


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