When Olympic Fever Hits Home

It’s that time again.

Kids all over the world are star-struck and motivated to become Olympic athletes.

Adults are staying up past their normal adult bedtimes to cheer on their country’s archers and table tennis players.

I’ll admit, the Olympic frenzy has even affected me.

I considered running a photography-contest-pseudo-Olympic-event here on Twenty Four At Heart.

(The dust still needs to settle on my redesigned blog for awhile.)

I think, however, maybe I’ve gotten a bit more competitive with members of my own household lately.

No doubt, my competitiveness has increased as I’ve absorbed an abundance of Olympic coverage.

For instance, last weekend Briefcase and I planned a long hike.

The end of the hike would find us on a remote area of beach.

Hiking to a beach meant I needed to bring my camera and some photography gear, of course.

“I wonder which one of us is stronger?” I questioned Briefcase.

As I said this, I hoisted my camera bag out of the car with my left, non-dominant-but-fully-functioning arm.

Briefcase reached over and grabbed it from me.

A short while later we began our hike.

I was carrying my carbon fiber (lightweight) tripod.

My husband was carrying my camera backpack, a large beach blanket, a chair to sit on at the beach, a cooler, and a whole lot of other beach stuff.

He thought he “won” that event,

But, ha ha

I did!

You’d think I’d stop after getting the gold in one event,

But no –

I’m too competitive this week to quit.

I’m finding (inventing?) events to medal in.

“Want to race down the trail to the big tree?” I asked my over-burdened, carrying-all-my-stuff, husband.

He looked at me and raised one eyebrow questioningly.

I could barely see his face, he was so overloaded with camera gear, and blankets, and coolers.

Before he could answer me,

I laughed, and ran ahead to the tree.

“I won!  I won!” I exclaimed with the excitement and glory of all Olympic athletes.

“Really?”  said my husband dryly.

“Two golds for me!” I exclaimed, overjoyed.

Briefcase might have rolled his eyes and sighed.

(Maybe I should mention, my husband had gone out for a long RUN before we went to the beach.  I had worked out earlier, myself, by picking a few tomatoes from my garden.)

Eventually, tired from hiking, we found ourselves on a small stretch of beach.

We were the only people there.

(That shows you how skilled I am at escaping summer tourists.  Do I get another gold medal for Escaping Tourist Skills?)

Briefcase made himself comfortable on the beach, pulled out his Kindle, and began reading.

I started dancing around on the sand.

“Pink light!  AMAZING pink light!  There’s soft pink light everywhere,” I said with delight.

I think my husband is going deaf.

He didn’t seem to hear me at all.

Maybe he was expecting me to tell him I should get a gold medal for “discovering” the soft pink light as the sun set?


Even I know I can’t take credit for that ….


2 Responses to “When Olympic Fever Hits Home”

  1. Michelle

    That is a stunning shot. And no gold for ‘discovering’ the pink light, but definitely gold for choosing that beach!

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Wow – I don’t know if you get the gold for the “discovery,” but that shot certainly gets the gold, er, pink. Just…wow.

    I haven’t even turned on the television in over a week, except to let G Man watch Disney Jr. Even the Olympics aren’t worth the disgusting political ads I’d have to watch. I just can’t stand it, and there are three months to go.


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