Bionic Arm Recalled?

Yesterday, I was informed my bionic arm has been recalled.

I texted Dr. Painless immediately, and he was very kind and texted me right back.

(Honestly, I would recommend him as a pain management specialist to anyone/everyone.  He is a good person.)

Apparently, some of the units have defective batteries and/or the units are burning people.

I’ve read the recall notice, and I’m not sure whether or not I need to do anything in the near future or not.

I just charged my battery yesterday, and everything was fine.

After I charged my battery, I turned myself on.

(I never tire of saying that.)

I had an initial wave of panic when I heard about the recall.

Or should I say, I had an initial, extreme, wave of panic?

The idea of having my bionics surgically removed and then replaced is not something I want to even think about.

[For those of you who aren’t familiar with my bionic arm – it involves (among other things) a battery/charger which has been surgically placed in my abdomen, wires which travel around my side and up the length of my spine, cumulating in twenty four electrodes which are in my damaged arm and shoulder.  For those of you wanting a more technical explanation, I have a St Judes Neurostimulation Implant.]

After a second/third/fourth reading of the recall notice, I *think* I just have to be “watched” (unless I experience a problem) for now.

I’ll know more at the end of August when I next meet with Dr. Painless.

It’s just been a little bit too much this week …

The six year anniversary of the accident,

The recall,

An especially high pain level for inexplicable reasons,

And a very brutal physical therapy session yesterday.

(I told The Neanderthal he was “killing me” and he replied, “You’re all jacked up.”  Then he gave me his apologetic, overly-enthused, smile.)

Jacked up.

Yes, I am.

I think I need a time out.

I might “play hooky” for a few hours today so I can regain my composure.

For me, that probably involves a few hours of solitude somewhere peaceful.

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6 Responses to “Bionic Arm Recalled?”

  1. unmitigated me

    Oh 24, I envy your proximity to big water. There is no therapy like the sound and feel of the waves. Maybe I could get the insurance company to buy me a spot on Lake Michigan?

    • Suzanne

      You’re absolutely right … “big water” restores my soul! : )

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Good grief, girl – just what you DON’T need. Keeping my fingers crossed that you don’t have to have it done all over again.

  3. pam from ohio

    That looks like the perfect place for some alone time. Hoping all your parts get to stay where they are!


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