I Got A Shot In The Ass, And You Get Kauai Photos

Yesterday was my first, one hundred percent, full day back in The OC.

I’m a bit jet-lagged.

Of course, no trip is “over,” until I pay my penance at Dr. Painless’s (Painless’??) office.

When I arrived at his office yesterday, he was tied up with a really whiney new patient and about five Real-Housewife-Look-Alikes.

I thought I was going to escape quickly with a (detoured) short visit with his Physician’s Assistant.

No such luck.

Instead, I got a shot in the ass after Mr. P.A. commented it looked like I was “in a lot of pain.”

Yes, I was.

But a shot in the ass??


You’d think I’m too fat old for that.

In any case, rather than show you a photo of my bruised ass, I thought I’d share a few random Kauai photos.

(Your welcome!)

First, I’d like you to meet Fred, the Hawaiian Monk Seal.

Fred needed a midday snooze, so he took a nap on the sand next to us at one of the Maha’ulepu Beaches.

I’m assuming the item next to him is some type of sea toy for monk seals??

In any case, we left Fred alone so he could sleep with his little sea-toy next to him.

Once in awhile he’d raise his head, open his eyes, and look at us.

Then Fred would go back to sleep.

I’m not sure, but I think Fred might have had a rough night with the lady monk seals.

Speaking of sea critters,

On a different day, I was about to jump out of my raft to do some snorkeling when I saw a big shadow in the water in front of me.

It was a spinner dolphin.

It startled me.

The fin, rising out of the water, gave me a first impression of a shark.

Dolphins are an animal I’m used to, though.

After the initial surprise, I realized it was “just” a dolphin coming to greet me, and I jumped overboard.

Dolphins are friendly, curious, and playful.

One evening, I took the next (long exposure) photo from “our” backyard.

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You can see our nearest neighbor’s house out on the point.

In between the two houses is a very small cove called Keiki Cove.

It rarely has any visitors, which makes it even more appealing.

(Although Keiki Cove is not a good place for swimming.)

The above photo was taken with a GoPro camera IN the water.

The water, as you can see, is perfectly clear (and very shallow) in little Keiki Cove.

(The water/sand looks gold in the above photo due to a combination of the sun and the abilities of the GoPro.)

My last photo (for today) was taken at Polihale State Park, which is literally at the end of the dirt path road on the West Shore of Kauai.

I’ll share more about Polihale in a separate post, but suffice it to say –

Sunset from Polihale is everything a Hawaiian sunset should be, and so much more.

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8 Responses to “I Got A Shot In The Ass, And You Get Kauai Photos”

  1. Jan's Sushi Bar

    How about “the office of Dr. Painless”?

    Did someone official run out to the beach and put up signs warning people to keep away from Fred the Endangered? I’ve seen that happen.

    • Suzanne

      We sometimes came across monk seals with yellow crime scene “caution tape” posted around them. It made me laugh because the seals look fairly dead when they sleep. Add in the crime scene tape and it looks like they’re waiting for CSI to show up! : )


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