Is It Already Wednesday in Kauai?

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday.

We have more people arriving today.

This trip has been very different from how I expected it to be.

(That’s both a positive and a negative rolled into one.)

I find the “wild” roosters all over the island of Kauai quite charming.

Yesterday, one particular rooster became obsessed with me.

Or rather –

He became obsessed with his own reflection in my lens.

I don’t think he was the smartest rooster who ever crowed.

He did make me laugh, however.

How often do you have a rooster follow you around so he can look at himself up close in your lens?

The Hawaiian outlook on life is summed up in this sign I found outside a littleĀ Shave Ice shop:

It’s really beautiful here.

I’ve spent very little time on actual beaches though.

(Our backyard is grass and leads right to the ocean’s rocky edge.)

I need to take photos of this amazing HOUSE to share with you too.

In the meantime, here’s one of the few Kauai photos I’ve even looked at yet.

It was taken on a little known East Shore beach.

I avoid the tourist beaches here, just like I avoid them at home.

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    • Suzanne

      I think the entire world would probably be happier with that type of philosophy! : )


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