Kauai Traffic

No time to write today, but I thought I’d share this photo.

I took it through the car windshield as Briefcase drove.

We spent yesterday on the East Shore of Kauai.

(Tangent:  Yes, my arm is a MESS even though I haven’t done anything to warrant a flare-up?!?  I’ve had other people carrying my gear, taken very few photos by my standards, and only used my legs for snorkeling ….)

There’s traffic in some places on the island, usually due to road construction.  The road around the accessible part of the island is only two lanes.  It’s quaint and charming when it isn’t bogged down with traffic.

7 Responses to “Kauai Traffic”

  1. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Oh, that brings back memories. We’ve been to Kauai every time we’ve been to Hawaii (one trip was 11 days on just that island). I even miss the traffic.

    • Suzanne

      I think I could stay here forever, and ever, and ever!! : )

  2. Anne

    A gorgeous picture. I long to go to Hawaii. What bad luck to have a flare just now when everything should be perfect. I do hope it quiets down.

  3. Sandra

    I’m sorry your arm isn’t cooperating for your vacation. The pain should be on vacation too!
    I love that tree formation. One of my favorites.

  4. karen

    Just so ruggedly beautiful…. I wish it didn’t take us approximately 15 hours to get to the hawaiian islands.. ugh. Not into that…. but loved our time there many moons ago. Thanks for taking us along….


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