Let’s Discuss Mean-Spirited Comments

Today’s post is going to be on the long side.

I apologize, but I had to include a few quotes to assure accuracy.

My “new” blog holds suspicious comments for moderation.

Yesterday, the site held a rather mean-spirited, hurtful, comment sent on the post I wrote titled Six Years.

Those of you who have followed my journey these last few years know the anniversary date of my accident is always an emotional time for me.

Apparently, someone was angered by my emotionality.

Of course, like any Internet Troll …

They hid like a coward behind an attempt at anonymity.

I don’t usually give publicity to people who are assholes, but I’m going to share “Voldemort’s” comment.

Here it is:

You know what I think? I think it’s all in attitude. Stephen Hawking is confined to a wheelchair. He can barely move at all. Unlike you, he’s truly disabled. Does he spend his days complaining? No, he spends them solving the mysteries of the universe. I’ve met a few paralysed people in my time. They all love life. There are some artists who are paralysed and continue to paint. How does your struggle to hold a camera look compared to that?

I’m sure you’ve had some tough times because of your chronic pain, but I can’t take you seriously at all when you act like a drama queen on the internet for attention. There are people all over the world who would kill to have your problems. People who would give anything to have a life as near perfect as yours, in which the only real struggle you face from day to day is having to go to physical therapy and experience pain. There are some people with chronic pain who don’t get excellent medical care like you do. Keep that in mind.

Face it, there are people every day whose lives are destroyed, who lose everything that they love, and who still manage to heal and find meaning in life. Given all that, I think you can learn to live with your chronic pain. You have more than enough to work with. So start working.

Apparently Voldemort didn’t realize that no comment is 100% anonymous … not even when you pretend to be a Harry Potter character.

The first thing I did, of course, was look at my stat program to see where the comment came from.

This is what I found:

Referring URL:
Host Name: Browser: IE 8.0
IP Address: — [Label IP Address] Operating System: WinXP
Location: Tustin, California, United States Resolution: 1024×768
Returning Visits: 0 Javascript: Enabled
Visit Length: 26 mins 23 secs ISP: County Of Orange Gsa Information Systems


Navigation Path

Date Time WebPage
Jul 31 06:57:14 PM
Jul 31 07:23:37 PM


When I saw the comment came from Tustin, I had a few suspicions as to the author.

Next, I googled “County of Orange Gsa Information Systems” because that is the owner of the computer/s who sent the message.

This is what I found on their website:

Workforce Management Solutions

Partners In Diversity, Inc. is a certified small business, women-owned and operated staffing service offering a full range of employment solutions. We service the California marketplace providing temporary, contract placement, temporary to hire and direct hire alternatives. We tailor our outreach methods to provide employment solutions for our client’s specific requirements serving our diverse community base. We specialize in disciplines ranging from office clerical and administrative support to professional and engineering personnel.



Partners In Diversity is founded on the principle that successful business partnerships are built on compatibility, trust and mutual respect. Our approach is to thoroughly understand your business objectives and achieve your mission goals. The purpose of our team is to produce positive results that will enhance your business and foster long-term business relationships. We are committed to building relationships that are characterized by honesty, always respecting our clients and the employees that we serve.

Next, I looked at the “Contact Us” tab on the above website and found this:

Arlene Apodaca……………….  arlene.apodaca@p-i-d.biz

Kate Harrington………………    kate.harrington@p-i-d.biz

Frances Martinez……………..   frances.martinez@p-i-d.biz

Valerie Sanchez ……………..   valerie.sanchez@p-i-d.biz

Chris Harrington……………..    chris.harrington@p-i-d.biz

Since they were “inviting” me to contact them, I did.

I sent an email to all of the above people informing them their IP address was tracked to an Internet Troll.

My email to them began:

This email was sent to me by someone using your IP address.

That means it was one of you, or one of your employees.

I suggest you take care of the problem you have at your workplace ….
Someone is using your work IP address to leave mean “anonymous” comments on disabled people’s blogs.
That reflects very poorly on your agency, and all of you.
(I included a copy of the comment I received.)

I suppose “Voldemort” wasn’t expecting to be tracked down?

There are a few things I’d like to get off my chest in regard to the Voldemort comment.

They are as follows:

•  Voldemort, you picked the wrong day to fuck with me.  I just wasn’t in the MOOD for it.

• Now let’s take your comment and address it:

You know what I think? I think it’s all in attitude – Voldemort, some of it is attitude, but not all of it.  Some of it is the disability.  Some of it is the amount of pain.  Some of it is the length of time a person has been disabled or lived with pain.  Some of it is a person’s personal life/situation.  Some of it is also the amount of support a person has in their life to endure terrible circumstances.  The one thing that is absolutely certain, however, is that no one REALLY knows what someone else’s situation is like.  Not their doctor, not their physical therapist, not even their spouse ….  No one should judge, because no one else can possibly KNOW what it’s like except the person going through it.  

Personally, I’m quite proud I’ve had a good enough attitude to get me through eight surgeries and all they’ve entailed.

Stephen Hawking is confined to a wheelchair. He can barely move at all.  Yes, Voldemort, there are MILLIONS of disabled people in the world.  It’s sad.  Every single one of them could use an understanding person in their life.  None of them could benefit from the type of comments you sent to me.

Unlike you, he’s truly disabled.  Do you know me?  Maybe you have met me or known me at some point in my journey?  Maybe you “think” you know me from reading the small portion of my life I make public on my blog?  Who are you to presume you know about my disability?  Guess what?  There is not ONE person who has been there every step of the way with me.  I was the only one in the car when it was hit.  I am the only one who wakes in the middle of the night in a cold sweat from the memories of crunching metal and screeching tires.  I was the only one at every single doctor appointment.  And all eight surgeries.  And every single agonizing physical therapy appointment – there have been hundreds of them.  In fact, there have been six YEARS of them.  I am the only one who knows how bad the pain is.  I am the one who has to figure out EVERY FUCKING DAY how to do things with my non-dominant arm.  Who the hell do you think you are to judge anyone else?  There are thousands of disabled people who don’t have a single outward sign of their disability.  Shame on you.

Does he spend his days complaining?  Well, I don’t know.  Neither do you.  He certainly has a right to if he wants, doesn’t he?

No, he spends them solving the mysteries of the universe.  And maybe he complains the entire time.  You don’t know, do you?

I’ve met a few paralysed people in my time. They all love life.  Yes, well, I ALSO know people who have been paralyzed.  “All” paralyzed people don’t love life any more than “all” non-paralyzed people love life.  You’re very quick to make assumptions and generalities, aren’t you?  Personally, I’ve never met anyone happy to be paralyzed.  For most people (disabled or not) life is better than the alternative.  By the way, being paralyzed is not the only type of disability.

You also seem to be implying I “don’t” love life.  If you knew me, if you looked at even a few of my photos, you’d know I do.

There are some artists who are paralysed and continue to paint. How does your struggle to hold a camera look compared to that?  I think it is a very good comparison.  Except, professional cameras are damn heavy and made for people with working right arms.  It might be a bit harder to do what I’m doing.  I’m not sure.  (You see, I don’t try to compare people’s challenges because I really have no way of knowing what someone else’s life is like.)  It’s certainly very difficult to hold a camera and operate it with just your left arm.  Have you ever tried it?  I suggest you tie your dominant arm to your side for a week, borrow a professional camera and give it a go.  Of course, if you are left handed you’ll have an advantage.  Cameras are made to be used with the right hand/arm.  I primarily use my neck muscles to work mine.  It’s very painful to hold a heavy camera with neck muscles that aren’t intended to be used in that way.  Of course, using a camera is just one aspect of my life.  Blow drying my hair with one arm is very difficult also.  Doing dishes is difficult.  Cooking is excruciating.  There have certainly been a lot of days when I wished my arm was paralyzed or lost in the accident.  At least then I wouldn’t be in terrible pain every minute of every day.

I’m sure you’ve had some tough times because of your chronic pain,  It’s very generous of  you to acknowledge that possibility.

but I can’t take you seriously at all when you act like a drama queen on the internet for attention.  Oh, Voldmort!  You’re making some big assumptions here, again.  You’re assuming my writing isn’t genuine and heartfelt – but it is.  Every word of that post was … well, REAL.  I write because it’s therapeutic for me.  It makes me feel better.  It helps me process this journey I’m on.  I’m an emotional person, and sometimes I get … emotional.  I don’t get a bonus paycheck when I write a serious post.  In fact, I usually see fewer readers when I write from the heart.  I do it anyway because it helps me get through what I’m feeling.  Does that make me a drama queen?  Well, apparently you think so.

There are people all over the world who would kill to have your problems.  You know nothing about my problems.  Absolutely nothing.

People who would give anything to have a life as near perfect as yours, in which the only real struggle you face from day to day is having to go to physical therapy and experience pain.  Again, you know nothing about my life – although clearly, you think you do.  Your presumptuousness is astounding.  Also, it’s quite clear you have never experienced pain for any length of time.

There are some people with chronic pain who don’t get excellent medical care like you do. Keep that in mind.  There is no amount of care, in my experience, that makes the pain even *begin* to go away.  Am I grateful to the excellent doctors and physical therapists who have helped me?  Absolutely.  I have said so, repeatedly, right here on Twenty Four At Heart.  I don’t think any of them have ever doubted my gratitude.  If you think it’s easy for me to pay for my medical care (which I will need for life), then you are even more ignorant than your comments imply.

Face it, there are people every day whose lives are destroyed, who lose everything that they love, and who still manage to heal and find meaning in life.  Yes, there are.  Many people travel difficult paths.  (I wrote about that very thing on the two year anniversary of my accident.)  I have never professed to be the only person with a struggle in life.  Everyone struggles in different ways.  I’ve never professed to have “the most difficult struggle in the world” to deal with either.  I wrote about my feelings on the sixth anniversary of an event that changed my life.  Many of my readers also live with pain, and appreciate knowing they aren’t alone.  I find it a bit sad that sharing those feelings triggered anger in you.

Given all that, I think you can learn to live with your chronic pain.  Well, I’m glad you think so.  I feel so much better now that you’ve given your opinion.  By the way, I HAVE been living my life with pain (for six years now).

You have more than enough to work with.  How do you know?  Again, you presume so much.  (By the way, I’ve been working over 12 hour days for the last eight weeks.  Not that my work schedule is any of your business.)

So start working.  I’ll start by thanking you for providing me with outrageous blog material with your very rude, insensitive, comments.

58 Responses to “Let’s Discuss Mean-Spirited Comments”

  1. Pam

    Go, Suzanne! And burn, Voldemort. What a nasty, mean-spirited, self-satisfied so-and-so you are. 24 isn’t claiming any medals for enduring pain, or that hers is worse than anyone else’s. It’s just, unfortunately, a part of her life and now and then it comes to the fore.

    Personally, it’s been a revelation to me as I don’t know anyone else with chronic pain, and I’ve maybe selfishly used it to be glad that I’m not in her position – until, recently, I was sort of, with a dislocated shoulder (now much better, thanks, Suzanne) and it was a great comfort then to know that 24 was living with much worse pain.

    Besides that, this blog amuses me and inspires me with wonderful photographs, and I’ll keep coming here. You can push off – we don’t want your sort here.

    • Suzanne

      Yes, just picking the name Voldemort implies the intention of being mean. Some people live small, petty, lives.

      (I’m glad your shoulder is improving!)

  2. Jane

    Wow, I don’t even know what to say. I’m glad you were able to track this person down and good for you for sending the email to that agency.

    Reading about your pain has helped me endure mine, although I have options for replacement surgery someday that you don’t have with a shoulder or arm.

    Knowing that you get out everyday and take your camera and do what you love, IN SPITE OF such pain…well, it makes it easier for me to make myself do the same. And I always feel better emotionally when I do.

    I’ve never understood why some people make mean and hateful comments on anyone’s personal blog. They have the option to just NOT READ it.

    Anyway, thanks for allowing me and your other readers to siphon some of your courage into our lives. It helps to know that we’re all not alone in this struggle and I, for one, feel stronger for having found your blog.

    Keep writing and keep being emotional. Emotions let us know we’re still alive and that beats the alternative!

  3. sara

    Good for you!! I cannot even imagine what you have gone thru the last several years. I am glad you called that person out!

    • Suzanne

      Thanks. On a different day, I might have just ignored the comment. I’ve had a lot of pain this week and it just pissed me off.

  4. Julie Pierce

    I feel like Valdemort’s comments could have been written by people I’ve known in my life. There always has been and always will be people who don’t understand your pain. I have lost friends over my struggle with pain. They don’t understand and are “tired of me focusing on the negative,” as if I can “positively” think my way out of it.

    It takes an angry, sad, and emotionally damaged person to post comments like Valdemort’s. I think you and I have much less pain in our lives than Valdemort. After all, we are both GOOD PEOPLE despite the hand we’ve been dealt. Good people don’t write posts like Valdemort’s.

    Julie Pierce
    Akron, OH

    • Suzanne

      I understand Julie. I don’t think anyone can really “get it” if they don’t live with pain themselves. On the other hand, most people can still find empathy in their hearts. Those that can’t are exactly as you’ve said … angry, sad, and emotionally damaged.

  5. Yvonne A.

    I am so glad you blasted Voldemort, no one can know what someone is going through and they shouldn’t presume to. Everyone is entitled to write what they like. A note to Voldemort, if you don’t care for what someone has written, then don’t frequent their site again.. easy enough.

  6. Pam

    Wow! I am so glad you tracked the person down and brought it to the company’s attention. Hang in there and keep writing. There are so so many of us who are inspired by you!
    Take care,

    • Suzanne

      I doubt if I will hear back from them. I know, however, I wouldn’t want anyone damaging the reputation of my business as “Voldemort” is doing to theirs.

  7. WebSavvyMom

    –>Good for you for tracking down this person and notifying their employer.

    If I read a blog that I don’t agree with often enough, I stop reading that blog. I don’t understand the reason someone would resort to being cruel especially when they don’t have the facts.

    I’m glad you you pursued this person.

    • Suzanne

      Thanks. As I mentioned above, I might have just ignored it on a different day. I’ve had very high pain this week … Voldemort really pissed me off.
      : )

  8. KirstyB

    Your blog…your space….your right to write whatever you want (or need) to. My dad is a chronic pain sufferer so I understand a LITTLE of what you go through….but beyond that, I have NO IDEA how you do what you do day in and day out! Don’t let a mean spirited troll stop you from pouring out your feelings here.

    Voldy, didn’t your mama teach you that if you have nothing nice to say, you should keep your mouth shut? Works well…you should try it!

    • Suzanne

      Voldemort has many lessons to learn still.
      Life has a way of teaching them to people …..

  9. Denise

    Sometimes you just have to blast the trolls. What is wrong with people anyway? I will never understand the lack of compassion in people. Hugs to you….gentle hugs so it doesn’t hurt:-)

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      What IS wrong with people?
      Sadly, a lot of people lead small, petty, angry lives.

  10. Jenny in MN now in AZ

    Wow! Just freaking Wow!

    Your detailed responses are so perfect. Hang in there and please do not stop sharing with us. You are an inspiration. I never see negativity in what you write!

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      I do think there’s a difference between being honest about negative experiences and wallowing in them. Acknowledging them is part of accepting them. There’s nothing wrong with having feelings. It’s a part of life and part of processing the challenges.

  11. Missy

    I love this post Suzanne. I am so proud of you for calling her out and contacting the company. Your readers stop by daily because we love reading your thoughts for the day, the funny stories, the painful struggles and of course the beautiful photos. Keep up the great work!

    • Suzanne

      Thank you Missy.
      You are always so encouraging and I really appreciate it.

  12. Jan's Sushi Bar

    So all disabled people love life? Try telling that to my paraplegic nephew, who was shot down in cold blood by a crack head and left to die on the side of the road five years ago. He, too, suffers from chronic pain, and has the best medical care available. He also suffers from PTSD. He also just got out of rehab. Embrace life? Nope, he’s just got one hell of a monkey on his back.

    You talk about choices that are made, “Voldemort,” and take Suzanne to task for hers. Quite frankly, you don’t know shit.

    • Suzanne

      No, Voldemort doesn’t know shit.
      The amount of ignorance in our world is sad and pathetic.

  13. Judi

    The worst part of this for me is the attempt at anonymity. If you’re going to be a bitch, own it and face the consequences. What a coward, on top of being completely free of compassion and understanding. I wouldn’t wish your pain on my worst enemy, but karma can sure come back to bite a person in the ass sometimes. Someday she may truly understand.

    I know people who complain about truly minor issues every damn day. You mention your pain and disability occasionally, while most often bringing us stunning photographs and hilarious stories to brighten our days. You rock, and don’t you ever forget it.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you Judi.
      Yes, people who hide behind anonymity on the Internet are pathetic.
      It’s easy to sling mud if we don’t have to be accountable for our actions.
      Just the choice of “Voldemort” for an identity implies the intent to be mean.

  14. Stephen

    Oh Suzanne! Intelligent, beautiful, creative, honest women rock! But intelligent, beautiful, creative, honest women who DON’T TAKE SHIT? OMG! I think I love you! It’s the #1 reason I’ve been married to the Babe for 32 years. Pitch perfect post my friend.

  15. Kay

    I hate internet trolls. You are awesome and so is your blog. I love reading your posts that make me laugh and your posts that come from the heart. Oh and your photos are amazing!

  16. Momma Sunshine

    It disgusts me how people attempt to hide behind anonymity like that. Particularly when leaving a hateful comment on someone’s blog who is being open and heartfelt about their struggles. It makes me sad to know that there are some people out there who are that filled with negativity that they can’t help but try to spread it to others.

    Keep fighting the good fight, my friend. *hugs*

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      Yes, it is sad.
      I wonder if Voldemort realize his/her life is actually much sadder than mine?

  17. Suebob

    I don’t understand Vol’s point in comparing your struggles with those of anyone else. We all experience life differently and denying your experience seems to be nothing more than cruelty. If Vol doesn’t think your experiences are valid, they could just shut up instead of chastising you.

    • Suzanne

      You’d think, wouldn’t you?
      Small people feel big when they hurt others.

  18. Jenn in Tenn

    Well said!!!! So glad you took a stand against that troll! Please let us know what, if any, type of follow-up they come to you with on your email.
    I look forward to reading your posts and/or seeing your beautiful photographs every day. Keep up the good work!!

  19. gd

    24, you ROCK!

    I cannot imagine the stress this inconsiderate human being has caused you.

    Not having a blog, I have no idea of the inner workings of the internet. Am glad that it’s traceable, and that you notified the company. Makes you wonder if the person has inside knowledge…..or guilt….

    This is what I would like to say to Voldemort:
    –If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
    –Be professional in the workplace. (You must be underworked if you have time to read blogs. Do personal things on personal time)
    –Jealousy is not flattering.

    I am anxious to hear any outcome from this, 24. Schedule yourself a massage today, OK?

    • Suzanne

      Oh, a massage would have been great.
      Instead, I got The Neanderthal beating on me. : )
      Maybe I’ll get a massage sometime soon!

  20. Sandra

    Woooooweee! Damn girl, she deserved what you gave her, but I also hope I never get tracked down that way at my job!! haha

    • Suzanne

      I’ve never done that with a comment before, but Voldemort stopped by on the wrong day. Besides, you would never do such a thing …! : )

  21. Traci Landry

    I read your blog regularly and am facinated by the things you manage to accomplish. I love your outlook on life and sarcasim. I commend your efforts in tracking down this troll and calling them out. GOOD FOR YOU and SHAME ON THEM. Keep up the good work and to anyone who doesn’t like it they can FUCK OFF!

  22. Tracy

    Go get ’em!!! Especially since the troll is at work AT A COMPANY WHO ADVOCATES FOR THE DISABLED???? OMG!!! Very bad publicity… very bad.

    Great for you to call them on it.

    • Suzanne

      It is bad publicity.
      I certainly wouldn’t want an employee like that ….

  23. Tonya Cinnamon

    so what is the trolls view of a disabled person. Not everyone shows symptoms and just because your not in a wheelchair does not imply your not disabled!
    Its narrow minded people who piss me off and do not realize the world is not perfect with happy little people within it.
    Problem so exists so does disabilities .


    and hugs to you.
    Would they rather you sat in your house and be co dependent on everyone and the government and say its owed to me . Or would they rather you do your thing.Something to keep your frame of mind. Cause sweetie thats what photography does for me. It keeps me sane!

  24. Suzanne

    Yes, Tonya – it keeps me sane too.
    Voldemort does seem to believe the only “real” disability is being paralyzed.
    Which is a very odd view of disability, isn’t it?
    It’s not a very educated point of view.

  25. Kathy

    Unfortunately I think this a commentary on our culture. It used to be “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” or even… “a thousand points of light” but it seems like it’s every man/woman for him/her self and screw everybody else. And how dare you be different!

    For instance, many who are against the Affordable Care Act feel that chronically ill or disabled people should pay their own way and not depend on the “largess” of healthy people financing their health insurance. Seriously.

    And you’re not the only one that gets slammed with this ugliness…if you get the opportunity, check out the following posts from a wonderful advocate for chronically ill people. She is a lawyer that runs the only nonprofit that specializes in fighting for insurance for chronically disabled people. And running interference with work and schools that don’t follow the law. That happens far more than you’d think. The amazing woman that she is…she still catches flack for being chronically ill.

    Mean people suck.

    • Suzanne

      Mean people are almost always unhappy people.

  26. Katharina

    My favourite part is:
    “There are people all over the world who would kill to have your problems.”
    Now I really wonder how he/she would know… Scary!
    Just like the apparently intimate knowledge of Stephen Hawking not whining.
    Please let us know when they respond!

    • Suzanne

      I’m not expecting a response.
      I think mean people are often sad, pathetic, jealous, unhappy people.
      Happy people don’t feel the need to be mean-spirited to others.

  27. Dorothy

    I am dumbfounded at V’s comments. Though I shouldn’t be. There are always people who try to take others down to their level because they are uncomfortable where they are.

    I see you shining through the pain. You exemplify a soul brightly shining through the human suit despite constant pain. “People through rocks at things that shine” is a line I love from a song, so there you go, you became a target for someone. You could have laid down and given up, been a burden emotionally and physically to all around you and you did not. So you express yourself here, it’s cathartic and we all do it! We’re human! Go for it! And if a reader doesn’t like it, go find something else to do! No one forces anyone to read a blog.

    Karma always wins out. It’s called the Law of Attraction. What they put out, they get back. Judgemental breeds being judged. Critical breeds being criticized, etc. This person has issues of her own that she took out on you. My favorite saying, “Nothing is Personal” has become what I live by. It comes from someone else, it’s not me nor about me, it’s about them.

    And, I am really impressed at your mad tracking skills! Would loved to have been a fly on the wall as she got taken to task for this!

    You are an example of living your passion through obstacles. We all learn from you. Shine on Baby!

    • Suzanne

      Thank you Dorothy.

      Yes, I definitely think “Voldemort” has issues of his/her own.
      No question about that!

  28. Suzanne Y.

    Wow. I guess this person seems to lack a morsel of compassion. I’ve recently started running in m 50’s and my knees do not like it one bit. I’ve been told that the pain and discomfort will pass – with time – which of course cannot happen soon enough. The point? I’m uncomfortable with MINOR PAIN that is fleeting and I cannot imagine what you must have to deal with on a minute-by-minute basis. There are actually people out there that say and think, “How do others do it and continue to have a sunny outlook on life?” I’m not sure I wouldn’t crawl into the fetal position and never come out. I can’t help but wonder if KARMA might not teach Voldemort what the other side of the grass feels like. Maybe then they would change their tune. Gah! Stupid, mean people suck. Forget this troll. They have been served!

    • Suzanne

      People like “Voldemort” are insecure.
      They like to judge other people because it makes them feel better about their own lives.
      It’s pathetic, really.

  29. Julie J

    Good for you 24, I’m glad you blasted back. V must be a miserable person and not have anything better to do.
    I enjoy your site and gorgeous photos!

    • Suzanne

      Thanks Julie.
      I agree with your thoughts on Voldemort completely.

  30. Chrisor

    I read this days ago when you published it and sent it to my laptop to comment on later. My email piled up and I finally got around to commenting. This made me sick! I am in shock that anyone would be so intentionally hateful and cruel. There is no excuse for it. I’m sorry this happened and I hope what you did keeps them from coming back. Anytime someone is anonymous, what they have to say holds no water with me. They can stand behind what they say or keep their mouth shut. You are such a sweet person and have suffered so much. You don’t need this. Hugs to you!

    • Suzanne

      Thank you for your comment and virtual hugs.
      One thing I’ve learned from blogging, when someone strikes out like “Voldemort” did – the bigger issue is what’s going on in their life. It isn’t about me, it’s about Voldemort’s own unhappiness and insecurity. But you’re right – even knowing that, it never feels good to have someone be rude and/or unpleasant.


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