Me, Unfiltered

It’s becoming increasingly clear, I’m not going to get *everything* done prior to my trip.

But …?

I’ve made some progress.

For instance, I now have my vacation pedicure.

Priorities people!  I haven’t packed a thing (although I’ve made my photography gear packing list), but I have pretty toenails!

Today I’ll get my bikini wax crossed off the list – progress!

My pre-vacation ADD continues, as I try to remember a million details and find myself unable to focus on any ONE thing for more than two seconds.

For instance,

•  Why in the world would any OC business not have (or not use?) air conditioning when we are having the worst weather of all time?  I’m talking to you “Happy” Nails.

•  As I was leaving PT yesterday, The Neanderthal said, “I see you spray tanned.”  I instantly apologized, thinking I had rubbed off on him while he worked on me.  He laughed and said I hadn’t come off on him, he had just noticed my ORANGE HANDS.  (The last two sentences sound very WRONG in so MANY ways.)

•  Working out your healthy body to the point of “pain” (as in: No Pain No Gain) is NOT ANYTHING LIKE what I’ve gone through.  I will try to forget you said something so ignorant, and I sincerely hope you never experience even a portion of what I have.

•  I’m offering a 20% discount code to my readers (up to a $100 value) on my public photo galleries from today through September 1st.  Use code 24atHeart when checking out.

•  Tangent:  I’m sorry friend-of-a-friend, but I do expect to get paid for the photos I take.  I realize you snap pictures with your phone all the time.  You don’t think digital photos cost anything.  However, the reason why you LIKE my photos and WANT my photos is because they weren’t just “snapped.”  Not only is my equipment expensive, so is the training I’ve gone through to GET those photos.  I shoot in RAW which is another reason why those very same photos look “remarkable.”  I hand edit every “for sale” photo.  The entire process, to get a photo to professional standards, takes HOURS.    Would you spend HOURS on a project for your boss and think it was okay to NOT get a paycheck?  I don’t think so.

•  Other photo-related news:  Yes, I do come shoot events for people/companies/functions if and/or when I can.  I also charge for being there.  I know you think I should just be flattered you invited me to take photos for you, but spending hours of time working isn’t “flattering.”  Some of my Show-Up Fee gets credited back towards photo purchases if they’re made.  It all comes down to time.  There are only so many hours in a day – your time is valuable, and so is mine.

•  Blah, blah, blah:  I’ve had a lot of requests, and after much hemming and hawing, I’ve agreed to sell my images as web size downloads.  What does that mean?  It means, if you fall in love with one of my photos and you want to share it on Facebook, use it as your avatar, screensaver, or use it for personal (non-commercial use) on the web, you can.  (If you have questions about personal licensing, please see my photo web site for clarification.)  Web sized, low resolution, images are priced at $10 each right now.  You can buy and download web sized images right from my photo web site.  If you use code 24atHeart at check out, you will get a 20% discount between now and September 1st (up to $100 value).  Yes, that means you can get a web sized copy of one of my images for only 8 bucks – !!

•  I went to pick up a couple prescriptions at the pharmacy yesterday.  Two prescriptions needed “early refill” approval from both Dr. Painless and my insurance company due to my travel plans.  My pharmacist walked over to say hi as the clerk rang up my purchases.  “So is it Maui?”  he asked.  “Kauai,” I answered, a bit surprised.  “That’s right,” he nodded.  Then he and the clerk began talking about/to/with me and it became immediately apparent they both read 24.  I have never told them about Twenty Four At Heart.  I was floored.  (As if my pharmacist doesn’t already know way too much about me …???)

•  I have a weird life.

•  The logistics of getting several family members and friends to Kauai are mind boggling.  We have people coming from several states.  I think, perhaps, it’s the chaotic travel logistics which are contributing the highest to my brain being on overload this week.  Who’s here?  Who’s arriving?  Which airport?  Which day?  Who needs rides?  Etc., etc. ….

•  The only “piece” of my website/redesign still not completed is the format for phones and tablets/iPads.  I’m sorry it has taken so long.  It has been totally out of my control.  I really appreciate everybody’s patience.  I still plan to have a blog celebration once it’s 100% completed.  I’m also approaching 100,000 followers on Facebook.  (Can you believe it?  It’s so amazing!  Who invented the Internet, anyway?  It’s like magic!)  It would be awesome to celebrate BOTH of those events together … with contests/giveaways/fun!!

•  One of my longtime readers has told me I “see the world differently” than most people.  She thinks my photos are a reflection of my own personal “Suzanne’s Altered Reality.”  I don’t know if that’s true or not.  I only know how I see, I don’t know how YOU see.

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5 Responses to “Me, Unfiltered”

  1. karen

    ooh , that last picture. And to be the people who actually get to wake up to that view every single day… just WOW.

    Not sure what the commenter meant?… I like your “view”.

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    You DO see the world differently than most other people (I think we all do, to an extent) and that is never a bad thing. Think how boring life would be if everyone saw and experienced things in the exact same way! I’m just glad you share your “vision” of the world with us, because most of the time, it’s just stunning.

  3. Anne

    I would like to have seen a picture of your lovely toes. I hope you have a wonderful trip. Of course you should be paid for your beautiful photos. But a lot of people think they should get something for nothing.

  4. Sandra

    I love it when you air out your feelings a bit.

    Todd and I stayed at the Sheraton on Poipu several years ago. The hotel was run down at the time and needed major upgrades. Before that in 1986 I was 18 and visited with a girlfriend/classmate at her parents 2nd house in Poipu where we just walked down to the beach everyday. I had a very different experience at 18 than I did at 38. The drinking age was still 18 in 1986 so imagine how much fun I had! haha


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