More Pre-Vacation ADD

It got “down” to 98 degrees yesterday.

I was overjoyed and took advantage of the cooler temperature by running a zillion errands.

(It’s so much more pleasant getting in and out of a hot, black, car when it’s 98 instead of 102 outside!)

I wanted to get a ThinkTank Pro Speed Belt before leaving on my trip.

Dr. Painless has been pretty clear about how I must get a photo assistant to ease the photography gear burden on my screwed up self.

On my upcoming trip, I’ll have a lot of assistance from family and friends.

At the same time, having some of my gear around my hips instead of on my back/neck/shoulders can only help.

(I’m going to try keeping one of my biggest lenses on the belt, along with my filters which I need quick access to.  We’ll see how it works!)

I’m all about finding ways to reduce my pain level!

I also did a second “spray tan” session.  The bottoms of my feet are now orange, along with one wrist.

I smell like weird tanning chemicals too.

Orange skin and a chemical odor make for a very sexy presence.

Here’s an iPhone photo I took in the tanning salon, before getting naked:


No make-up, of course.

I pretty much run around like a slob all the time.

I also picked up two plain t-shirts yesterday to replace old/stained/tattered ones.

I keep telling Briefcase he’s so lucky I’m low maintenance.

He can’t argue with the fact I spend almost nothing on clothes/jewelry/makeup/etc.

However …

He just grunts, grumbles “No maintenance?” and points to the pile of photography gear I’m packing.  Then he mutters unintelligible things under his breath.

What do you think he’s muttering about???

P.S.  Here’s a shot of a gorgeous OC sunset from a couple weeks ago … are  you tired of pretty sunset photos?

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6 Responses to “More Pre-Vacation ADD”

  1. karen

    That sunset is gorgeous!!! We don’t get them quite as vividly around here…

  2. Denise

    Another beautiful photo, Suzanne. This heat has knocked me down. I am heading to Santa Barbara for a horse show on Thursday. It’s such good timing because I need a break, and the weather in SB is staying in the pleasant 70’s.

    • Suzanne

      I don’t remember EVER with such prolonged heat and humidity. It is really awful, Denise. Santa Barbara should be wonderful. One of my two sons is there this week. I wish I could join you! Have fun!

  3. Jan's Sushi Bar

    The whole “low maintenance” thing just cracked me up. I’m not into clothes, makeup or jewelry either, and if I say something to Beloved about being low maintenance, he drags me into the kitchen and starts pointing at stand mixers and meat grinders and food processors and spice grinders and pressure canners and mandolins and stick blenders and juicers and knives…

  4. Suzanne

    Jan, I will tell Briefcase it could be worse … I could be wanting meatgrinders! lol : )
    I still want to come see you. Some family things came up that needed attending, but maybe this fall??


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