Please Pass The Purple Pepper

Do you have a Whole Foods store near you?

I don’t …

But there IS one not far from The Neanderthal’s office.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Whole Foods Markets, they are high-priced grocery stores – often with a restaurant area (or several) included within the store.

The Whole Foods Markets I’ve visited have been fairly new, immaculately clean, beautiful stores.

The Whole Food Market “theme” is healthy food, high quality food, a lot of organic food, a goal of encouraging “green” living, etc.

(Although not everything in the store is healthy, they’re certainly making a bigger effort than a “normal” grocery store.)

Did I mention expensive?

The markets are also the trendy place to be seen, at least here in Southern California.

Whole Foods Markets also seem to be the “new” place for men and women to pick up on each other.

I admit, I love walking through Whole Foods stores.

I see produce I never knew existed.

The displays make everything look beautiful.

I feel healthier just by browsing.

(Also, my ego gets a boost when I get hit on every time I stop by.)

Did I mention fantastic people watching?

Plop Orange County’s wealthiest, oftentimes most neurotic, people all in one spot and just WATCH THEM!

(If you want to see teenagers driving outrageously expensive luxury vehicles, just hang out in the Whole Foods parking lot.)

Recently, I’ve been visiting the Whole Foods Market near physical therapy once each week.

I’ve convinced myself it’s my “reward” for letting The Neanderthal put me in agony.

I don’t buy much, because Briefcase would divorce me if I did.

Instead, each week, I “treat” myself/our family to something I’m not likely to find in our normal grocery store.

This week I bought a purple bell pepper because I’d never seen one before.

Ok, if I’m being honest –

I wanted to take PHOTOS of the purple pepper more than I wanted to eat it.

Also, I wanted to say purple pepper, purple pepper, purple pepper over and over again.

(And I did!!)

Last week, my “treat” was buying rainbow chard.

I bought it because it’s pretty.

It was also very tasty.

I haven’t gained the courage (yet) to take photos of any of the Whole Food shoppers.

I think soap operas could be written from inspiration gained at Orange County Whole Foods Markets.

I wonder if I’d get kicked out of the store if I showed up with my camera and started snapping away?


10 Responses to “Please Pass The Purple Pepper”

    • Suzanne

      It is! And now I want to grow them myself! : )

  1. Denise

    I used to visit Whole Foods when I lived in the Bay Area. LOVED that store for lunch because they had so many choices at their various counters. I’m sure the Orange County store has a very different vibe than the one in Palo Alto.

    • Suzanne

      Yes, they do a huge take-out business of ready made food. Very convenient for people on their lunch breaks … if they don’t mind the cost.

  2. karen

    I was at Wholefoods yesterday! It’s a 45 minute drive and as you said, expensive, so I don’t go often, but I do love the place and wish we had one closer. I have NEVER seen a purple pepper, how very cool. What did it taste like? Same? Sweeter?

    • Suzanne

      I haven’t cooked it yet – I think I will tonight! : )

  3. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Expensive is a kind word – Beloved, who shops there when he’s on the road for business (he books suites in extended stay hotels almost exclusively these days), calls them “Whole Paycheck.” We don’t have one close to us – the nearest is in Cleveland – but we don’t really need it; we have our CSA and farmers markets in the warm months, and two very high quality health/natural food stores within driving distance for the cold months. (I bought a purple pepper, as well as one that was a lovely cream color – almost white – at one of the farmers markets we frequent just a couple of weeks ago. They are pretty, aren’t they?)

    But I hope you get the courage to take photos of the OC Whole Foods soon – I’m dying to see what kind of shoppers are there!!

  4. Suzanne

    Yes, Whole Paycheck is what everyone out here calls it too. I think it’s the official nickname. Trader Joe’s is certainly cheaper … but there is a bigger variety of stuff at Whole Foods. I guess it would be nice to have the money to shop their for everything, but for now I’ll stick to my mini-trips to visit! : )

  5. Sandra

    You crack me up. PLEASE take pictures of the people!!! haha

    I used to visit one when I lived in Campbell, CA but now that I’m in the east bay we don’t have one near us, BUT, I’m told one is moving in soon. My city is pretty big so they’ve been working on getting one.

    • Suzanne

      I don’t think I’ll ever have one super close, but it’s worth the drive just to people watch. Yes, I’ll see if I can get a few photos …!


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