Remember When I Was in Oregon?

Not long ago, I visited my parents.  They live in AbsolutelyNowhere, Oregon.

I’ve been thinking about that trip recently.


Because it was COOL in Oregon and it’s hotter than hell in Orange County right now.

I’ve turned into a slug.

My entire family has turned into slugs.

Or sloths?

Whichever is the laziest.

None of us want to go out in the heat.

We’re all doing absolutely nothing, and enjoying it.

The heat has zapped every ounce of energy right out of us.

Once in awhile we muster the effort to look at one another.

Then one of us mutters, “It sure is hot.”

Everyone nods.

Then we promptly return to sloth-hood-ness.

So, today I’m pretending I’m back in Oregon enjoying the cool weather.

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I took the above photo in my parents’ front yard.

They thought it was weird when I suddenly laid down in the dirt to take a photo.

You’d think my own parents would be used to me by now?

Titled:  The Road Home  –  Click on photo to purchase, or view larger, in 24atHeart gallery

The above photo is my parents’ driveway.

Is it still called a driveway if it goes on, and on, forever and ever?

(Driveways in AbsolutelyNowhere, Oregon, tend to do that!)

There are deer on the driveway every single time you go up or down it.

I like deer.

Deer are nice.

Long driveways are nice too.

The above shot is the view from my parents’ front yard.

It looks COOL doesn’t it?

As in, NOT HOT.

Hot weather is just so … hot.

The last photo I’m going to share is very special to me.

I mentioned before, my parents retired in AbsolutelyNowhere, Oregon because one of my dad’s two best friends, Bob, lived there.

Growing up, we’d visit Bob and camp on his land.

(He owned a LOT of land!)

Bob was the nicest man imaginable.

Bob never had kids of his own, and he loved having us visit.

(He taught us all sorts of country things like swinging on a rope in his barn, fishing in his stream, how to ride a horse, etc., etc.)

About a year ago, Bob died.

It was a sad time for all of us, particularly for my Dad.

While I was in Oregon, I asked if I could go back and visit this special place from my childhood summers.

I wanted to capture a photo that would take me back to my childhood memories every time I looked at it.

Visiting Bob was always a very magical time for me as a kid,

I think I captured a little bit of that magic when I took this photo on Bob’s land this summer ….

I hope so …

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12 Responses to “Remember When I Was in Oregon?”

  1. Jenny in MN now in AZ

    Love the pictures and the thought of cooling off. I ended up spending the majority of the summer in hot, muggy Minnesota. Returned to AZ to another heat wave. I’m melting!

    Whatever you did to the last photo is a really special and fantastic look. Love it!

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      My in-laws live in AZ, but they escape the heat each summer …! It gets brutal!

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    You did a marvelous job of capturing the magic in that last photo.

    And I do believe I’d kill to be able to do nothing at all. KILL, I tell ya!!

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      Yeah, well – I’m still doing CHORES … but way less than normal. : )

  3. karen

    Suzanne, these photos are just beautiful. I really want to see that state in all it’s glory… your photos bring that home. If you can believe it, I’ve never been to Oregon, just California out west, but I’ve always felt I could live there very happily.

    That last photos makes the viewer feel as if we are about to enter an enchanted forest with a lovely cottage at trails end.

    I’m sappy today, yes I know. The heat has been ridiculous here too. Sloth’n it.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you, Karen.
      Yes, there is a little cottage at the end of that road. As a child, I felt the entire place was enchanted.
      : )
      Oregon is beautiful, but it can also be very grey for a good part of the year.
      And rainy, of course.

  4. Gaelyn

    Love your folks place in Oregon, a state that holds a piece of my heart also. And Bob’s place looks most welcoming. Yet it’s not too terribly hot here so no slothin’ today for me.

    • Suzanne

      You’re lucky to be escaping the heat. I hear we’re supposed to be down to the eighties next week – it will be a welcome relief!

  5. Josh

    It is supposed to be about 108 today so those pictures sure are nice to look at. Calm, cool and and collected is the order of the day.

    • Suzanne

      Yes – I think a lot of people are enduring terrible heat waves right now.


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