Stream of Consciousness Week

Since I seem to have pre-vacation ADD, I thought I’d bring you along for the ride.

•  I got on my blog late yesterday to find all my photos shrunk.  I hate small photos.  It’s a temporary thing due to some work GiggaSavvy is doing for my mobile formatting.  I apologize.  (Just when you think all the major kinks are finally worked out!?)

•  A man tried to jump off a bridge and commit suicide yesterday, pretty much right in front of me.  It was awful.  He was saved by deputies.  I want to hug everyone involved.

•  There’s a new post up on my Photography Page/Blog/Feed about circular polarizing filters.

•  Yesterday, I bought this:

My son laughed at me, but hey –

I’m a melanoma survivor.  I take my sun protection very seriously.  (Also, I’m the sunscreen provider for my husband and kids too.)

•  I took a pretty flower photo and broke several photography “rules” when I did.  I really, really, love how it came out.

Click on photo to purchase, or view larger, in 24atHeart gallery

Rules are made to be broken, right?  At least, that’s what my friend Thomas Hawk said in a comment on the above photo.  I seriously LOVE that man.  If you like photography even a little bit, you should follow him on Facebook, G+, or wherever you can.  He’s an amazing talent and ALSO the nicest person imaginable.  Why is it there are so few people like that in the world?

•  I got a “spray tan” yesterday.  I haven’t gotten a spray tan for a year or, more likely, two.  I didn’t want to subject the world to my white ass while in Hawaii.  Apparently, spray tan machines have become more advanced since I last attempted a fake tan.  An OC Very Tan Barbie explained to me how the new machine works and then left me alone with the machine.  It’s actually like a big tall booth.  I tried to remember OC Very Tan Barbie’s instructions but I have pre-vacation ADD so it was difficult.  I got naked.  I wondered if there was a hidden camera in the room recording my cellulite.  I apologized out loud to the imaginary camera, just in case.  I put a little hair bonnet on so my blond hair wouldn’t turn orange.  I read the instructions on the wall.  I stepped into the booth and pressed a button.  The “booth” warmed up.  They have heaters in them now!  Isn’t technology amazing?  The booth began talking to me, telling me what positions I should get into.  (And it wasn’t even a man’s voice!)  I might have messed up a few of the awkward positions???  A few minutes later the machine began DRYING ME!!  Finally, the machine informed me I was done and I should leave.  I got out and started getting dressed.

Guess what happened then?

The machine CLEANED ITSELF!  It was a good thing I had gotten out when I did.  Water and bubbles and (I’m presuming) antiseptic started pouring down the sides and floor of the tanning booth.  What if I had decided to get dressed in the booth to stay warm near the heater?  I would have been covered with bubbles!  I bought a package of four spray tans so I have three left.  Maybe I’ll videotape the experience next time.  (Minus my ass, of course!)

I wish my house could clean itself too.

P.S.  I now have an orange left wrist.  Oops!

•  I bet I’m the only female who plans to lose weight AFTER a trip to Hawaii instead of before.  Seriously, for about three months I’ve been talking about my post-Hawaii diet.

•  Do you have a favorite vacation on-the-beach-hot-weather-sit-by-the-pool-cool-refreshing-drink?  (Alcoholic or not?)  If so, I’d love to hear what it is.

12 Responses to “Stream of Consciousness Week”

    • Suzanne

      I’ve never even heard of coconut rum … mmmm! : )

    • Suzanne

      I can’t believe how fast they get dirty! Hmmmph!

  1. WebSavvyMom

    –>Our favorite drink we like to call “Lake Tea” but it’s basically Firefly vodka mixed 50/50 with lemonade over ice.

    We typically buy the vodka, steep it with tea bags for a few hours, put it back in the bottle and then put it in the freezer. It’s not as sweet and a lot cheaper than the Firefly brand.

    It’s extremely tasty – – –


    • Suzanne

      Oooh – that sounds good. I think I need a drink!

  2. Julie

    Do you like your spray tan? how long will it last? how long do you stand in the booth? I’ve been wanting to try this but am a little nervous! Please share.

    • Suzanne

      It’s okay. Not great, but okay. How long it lasts depends on the person’s body chemistry, how much you sweat, how often you’re in water, etc. I just want to look a little less ghostly when I arrive in Hawaii. It will probably fade quickly from swimming in the ocean, but I’ll be picking up a little color at the same time. (Try as I might to avoid much sun exposure – it’s impossible on these trips!)

  3. Jan's Sushi Bar

    You know, the very first post of yours I ever read was about your experience in a spray tan booth – you showed the bottom of your feet, and I laughed until I cried.

    Beloved and I are fond of Mai Tais and Lava Flows when in the 50th state. Did I mention I’m positively pea-green with envy?

    • Suzanne

      I remember that post well – believe it or not, I still get “hits” on it every single day. Also, I think I’ve turned my feet orange again but not as bad this time.

  4. Kathy

    I hate to mention this…but maybe your web designers can deal with this while you’re on vacation? I’m still having problems viewing your blog on my iPhone. It is (for lack of a better word) scrunched. I’m not sure if it is just my phone or what. Anyhow, have a GREAT time in Hawaii!

    • Suzanne

      No, it isn’t you – it’s THEM. : )
      They still haven’t gotten the mobile piece right.
      Hopefully by the end of 2012 …???
      Thank you for hanging in there with me for so long!


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