The Weekend In Photos

August is here, which means I’ll be having a lot of house guests over the next few weeks – family and friends.

It will be fun, and a bit chaotic at the same time.  I don’t imagine I’ll have a “normal routine” (whatever that is?) again until September.

We had a pretty lazy-ish weekend …

The calm before the storm.

(Our first guest arrives later today.)

I’ve been in a pain flare up over the last week or two.  It put a damper on my weekend.

I took a few snapshots while hanging out.

(Snapshots are not to be confused with photographs … at least not coming from me.)

The above photo is the view from my patio.

I love “my” mountains.  I never tire of looking at them.  I love how the light and clouds change constantly on them.

It’s hot here now and you can almost “see” the heat coming off of them.

My mini-container garden is delivering an abundance of STUFF.

I made this summer’s third batch of “fresh basil ice cubes” over the weekend.

I cleaned the basil leaves several times, of course.

(I don’t use any pesticides in my garden, but I do use an organic spray.)

Imagine my surprise when, as I was preparing the leaves to go in my blender, a worm waved at me.

Yes, it did!

It stood up and waved at me.

I might have let out a yelp of surprise.

My husband found “the worm episode” very amusing, but I’m not going to share further details.

The full story might make me look like a blond.

I also have forty bazillion tomatoes from my garden.

(Most of them are red cherry tomatoes, but I have other kinds also.)

Last night I made a cherry tomato salad.

I’ve been giving cherry tomatoes to everyone who crosses my path.

Yes, even the UPS man (the closest thing to Santa Claus for adults), the woman who cuts my hair, the blue-jays, and the mailman.

I walk around bearing gifts of tomatoes.

I think I’m going to make a batch of tomato sauce in the next day or two and freeze it.

I’m also drying rosemary sprigs and lavender sprigs.

The hummingbird frenzy is still taking place in my backyard.

I’m going through a ten pound bag of sugar each week just making hummingbird food.

I hope I don’t turn into an eccentric old hummingbird lady.

My mom has always felt a strong kinship with hummingbirds.

I guess that’s why I feel an obligation to refill the feeders as soon as they’re empty?

My crepe myrtles are blooming now too.

They make our backyard look so pretty and cheerful.

Of course, as always, there was a little of this going on over the weekend too:

I hope you had a good weekend!

6 Responses to “The Weekend In Photos”

  1. Gaelyn

    Sure wish I was closer to take some of those tomatoes off your hands. Does UPS deliver? 😉

    Enjoy your company and try not to over do too much.

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    We are going to be looking at Tomato Overload in about two weeks. We have five plants in our back yard – two heirloom, one green zebra, one of those teardrop-shaped “salad” tomatoes, and one of some small variety that are going to be almost black on the top, shading to almost brown on the bottom, from the looks of them. I won’t be making sauce out of these, but since I’m also swimming in peppers from our garden and cilantro from our CSA, I see a great many jars of salsa in my future. We’ll make sauce (and barbecue sauce and ketchup) from the 3 bushels of roma tomatoes we’ve got on order with our CSA farmer.

    Ahhh, summer…

  3. Suzanne

    I have yellow “teardrop” tomatoes ripe right now. I don’t remember what they’re called? I know the tomatoes I have aren’t ideal for italian type tomato sauce, but I’m probably going to blend them into some type of sauce anyway. Tomato surplus leads to creative cooking! : )

    I LOVE salsa by the way – yum! : )

  4. Jane

    You had me laughing again about the worm. I would have dumped the whole batch. 🙂 TEN POUNDS a week? Those hummingbirds must be gigantic! They’re texting all their hummingbird friends saying, “come to the OC! FOOD!”

    • Suzanne

      My husband keeps saying they’ll get fat ….
      Not likely with their wing speed! : )


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