Bad Photos of the Beautiful NaPali Coast?

(For SHAME!  My website is still broken.  Hellooooo GiggaSavvy?)

The NaPali Coast in Kauai, Hawaii, is considered by many to be “the 8th Wonder of the World.”

It is so breathtakingly beautiful, no photo could ever do it justice.

That being said, as a photographer, it was very frustrating to be RIGHT THERE without my camera.

I did, however, have access to a point and shoot AND a GoPro Hero 2.

(If I’d only known at the time, the photos from the GoPro would turn out far superior to those from the point and shoot.  Unfortunately, I only used the GoPro when I was IN the water.)

I can’t even say the above water photos today are “my” photos – the point and shoot was passed around our raft and various people took photos with it.

I’m not really sure who clicked the shutter on each shot.

Regardless, the quality from the point and shoot camera was poor.

That being said, I’m willing to share even poor quality photos if it can convince even one of you to make the trip yourself.

The peaks rise so high above sea level, you lose all perspective of size as you look up at them.

(Some of the cliffs are 4,500 feet high.)

Rafting next to such beauty was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

Growing up by the ocean, I always assume “everyone” has snorkeled.

In case you haven’t, here’s a look “under the sea.”

Rocks, coral, canyons, valleys, dolphins, sharks ….

Yes, there really was a four foot shark (harmless) just beyond the above rock formation.

Mainly, we saw a lot of tropical fish.

Snorkeling is fun, but when you’re on the NaPali Coast –

The prettiest sights (in my opinion) are above water.

If I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d go right back to Kauai for a week or two.  I’d charter a small boat or raft to take me (and my “real” camera protected by the underwater housing I don’t own) on a photography journey along the cliffs.  It would be SO fun.

In case you’re wondering, I inquired and it would cost about four thousand dollars to charter a zodiac raft for one day.

For some reason, my husband doesn’t seem nearly as enthused about the concept as I do.

Can you spot the “little” waterfall in the next photo?

The “little” waterfall is actually 350 feet tall.

It’s hard for your brain to wrap around what you’re seeing when you’re on the NaPali Coast.

Everything is so BIG and VAST and BEAUTIFUL.

Here’s a closer look at the 350 foot tall waterfall:

Even close up, it’s hard to make sense of how big it really is.

You really lose your perspective on everything when you’re there …

For instance, look at the weird fish that approached me!

Pure craziness on the NaPali Coast!

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  1. Mandy

    Such a beautiful place! One day, one day.

    So, I’m in your neck of the woods today. I’m just pulling into Huntington beach as we speak! Wish we could have gotten together and grabbed a bite!

  2. gd

    Amazing….I had no idea there were sites like this in Hawaii. Thanks for sharing!


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