Bee Problems

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Yesterday I mentioned a swarm of bees invaded my backyard.

They’re still here, although in fewer numbers.

They’re very aggressive bees (!!) and the minute I walk outside they zoom angrily around me.

They follow me.

It’s so bad, I’m avoiding going outside.

I’ve taken down our hummingbird feeders because the bees had discovered one of them by the end of yesterday.

I feel bad for the (zillions) of hummingbirds who keep zipping around looking for their feeders.

I’m not even letting our dogs in the backyard because the bees are so aggressive.

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The bee in the above photo is the same kind of bee, but the photo was taken before the swarm arrived.

I’ve been told it’s likely they’re Africanized Honey Bees.

I’m on my way back east today.

I’ll be back in California on Monday.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate traveling?

I love BEING places, but I hate the whole airport/airlines/security hassle/sitting scrunched up for hours scene.

If the bees are still here when I get back, I guess I’ll have to find a bee company (??) to relocate them.

(I don’t see a hive, but I live in an open canyon area and it could be nearby.)

I won’t be posting this weekend but (if there aren’t any travel snafus) I should have a post up late on Monday and/or on Tuesday.

In the meantime, I’ve warned everyone at my house to stay out of the backyard.

My daughter is highly allergic to bees so …


5 Responses to “Bee Problems”

  1. KirstyB

    WOW! That bee shot is phenomenal!! You take such amazing photos!!

    Safe travels this weekend!!

  2. Katharina

    Beekeepers can help you, there is likely to be a beekeepers association somewhere in your area. They can relocate the swarm. I hope they can help you before someone gets hurt, human or insect.
    Have a nice trip!

  3. Howard

    Suzanne., I’m not sure if this applies to bees, but I’ve actually seen wasps vanish as quickly as they came around when a small dish of fresh mint leaves are left out.. I’d never have believed it had I not seen them ‘race’ off with my own eyes..

  4. Diane

    Our bees are very gentle… wasps however are another story… are you sure that’s not a wasp?

  5. joanne

    I looked up images for AHB and that appears to be exactly what you have there. Forget about relocating, they need extermination. If you find someone who will look for the nest, hive ,whatever, the surest way is to exterminate them after dusk, when they are ALL in the hive.


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