Being Poked On Facebook

I’m one of the few people, it seems, who didn’t fully embrace Facebook when the rest of the world did.

In the last six months, however, Facebook has been bringing me (and my business) a lot of exposure.

Ha ha.

Exposure for a photography business ….!

I crack myself up.

(I really do.  Pathetic?!)

Anyway, I’ve been trying to post a few of my for-sale-photographs on Facebook each day.  When people “like” my photos and/or share them, more people discover my art.

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I’ve also “met” some great people.

It’s nice.

Of course, every once in awhile a random freak comes along.

I realize that’s the nature of the Internet – there’s always at least one stalker in every crowd, right?

Still, Facebook is relatively new to me and I can’t say I’m very experienced at navigating its social media path.

If I get a random naked photo of a man sent to me (and assuming he’s unattractive), I know I can block the sender.

But what am I supposed to do when a stranger POKES me??

I’ve been poked by total strangers in the past, of course, but I’ve always pretended it didn’t happen.

I never heard from the poke-rs again, which was better for us both.

Be that as it may, I recently found myself in a different position.

Over the weekend, a total stranger went through a zillion of the photos I’ve posted on Facebook (over the last few weeks) “liking” every single one.

And then …?

And then he poked me and left.

I was baffled.

What’s a girl to do?

I didn’t want to be rude.

On the other hand, I didn’t encourage him to poke me in the first place.

Doesn’t poking someone imply a sense of familiarity?

Maybe he’s a really nice guy with honorable intentions?

I turned to Twitter for help.

I thought I’d brighten your Monday by sharing what I learned:

I never know quite what to do when a man I don’t know “pokes” me on Facebook. What does he WANT?

@TwentyFour I’ll tell you what he wants.

@TwentyFour Please don’t make @Neilochka explain!!

@thebitchinwife LOL! : ) I kind of want to hear his explanation …! lol

@neilochka OK – what does he want, Neil??

@TwentyFour probably just trying to compliment your wonderful photography but he’s shy. That’s all. What did you think a poke means?

@Neilochka Maybe he wants to donate to bald4boobs @twentyfour

@timebandit Possibly?

@TwentyFour Naw

@Neilochka I thought maybe he liked my hummer. Um, hummingbird.

@TwentyFour knuckle sandwich @neilochka

@Neilochka do I poke him back? How does a girl respond to a random poke?

@TwentyFour if you appreciated being poked by him, sure. You are telling him thanks for the poke and you hope to be poked again by him soon.

@Neilochka Well, his poke flustered me. Is it rude if I pretend it didn’t happen?

(No reply ….)

@Neilochka Do you poke women you’ve never met?

@TwentyFour no. Not that forward.

@neilochka Strange things always happen to me ….

@TwentyFour tell me about it.

OK, now it’s your turn ….

Do you respond to random pokes?

Would you, if you found yourself in my circumstances …?

Am I losing potential sales by not responding to pokes?

Personally, I can’t imagine poking someone unless I knew them well.

Maybe I don’t have a good grasp of poking etiquette?

22 Responses to “Being Poked On Facebook”

    • Suzanne

      I think it’s one of the reasons I never liked Facebook in the first place ….
      That and all the memes and games and constant requests to be a Farm animal …

  1. Diane

    Never been poked on FB… isn’t that an option you can turn off? Not sure, but nope… don’t wanna get poked on FB. Like Denise… I’d just block the weirdo.

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    I keep my personal Facebook profile as private as possible; you can’t “subscribe” to me, and unless you’re a “friend” you can’t see anything about me. I don’t think you can “poke” a page, so it’s not really been an issue for me. Frankly, I think what this person is doing is rude; he should say something beyond just liking your photos then “poking” you. I say ignore it.

    • Suzanne

      Poking does seem rude.
      Or needy.
      Or both.
      I am using FB strictly for business … but if I was using it for personal stuff I wouldn’t open it to the public.

  3. J. Delancy

    Being a rugged, masculine, ex-welder, I ain’t in to being poked by nobody. Besides I’m on facebook so infrequently most of my friends don’t know I’m on facebook.

    In cases like this turn to the experts, though they be cranky and expensive. Teenagers. Find them, feed them, get free advice then flee their presence.

    Good luck!

    • Suzanne

      Good point.
      I have teens. Why didn’t I think to tell them their mom had been poked?

  4. Alexis (MN)

    It’s one of the options I ignore too. I kind of put it into the “just because we CAN doesn’t mean we SHOULD” category of things. In the grand scheme of life’s choices I’d rather come over here and read your stuff and look at your pictures than go through a list of people (whether I know them or not) who “poke” me. If they poked me in real life I’d tell them to knock it off so…..yeah. Yet another time sucker in my book and I fall for way too many of those as it is.

    • Suzanne

      Nudging would be so much nicer than poking, don’t you think?
      Poking just seems so … abrupt.

  5. joanne

    if you poke back, it will stay on his sidebar with your name till he pokes back. I accidentally got in a poke-off with a guy that had the same name as someone I know. So I poked him and he poked back. That shit went back and forth tooooo long,. I finally dropped the poke

  6. Kathy

    I promise not to poke you, but whoo-hoo! You have a Facebook page (ok I’m a little late to the party). So many more photos to enjoy. Still have my favorite though 🙂

    • Suzanne

      Yes, lots of photos on Facebook.
      I don’t talk much there, but I share eye candy! : )

  7. Jane

    Poking just sounds too much like porking to be doing it on Facebook. 🙂 Mabye he wants to pork you? Ha, ha! Run for your life!

  8. cc

    I poke five people, my husband, 2 daughters, my close friend and her daughter. Sometimes while were sitting in the same room, or at the same table.

    I don’t poke people whom I don’t think will find it funny, and I definitely don’t poke people I don;t know well.

    No offense, but I wouldn’t poke you.

    • Suzanne

      No offense taken.
      Poking seems like something special for people you actually KNOW.


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