File That Under Appendix

On Monday, I took a break from The Big Window Project to make a trip to UCI Medical Center.

I almost cancelled my appointment with my husband’s friend, The Best GI Doctor In The World.

But I didn’t.

I’ve been feeling a lot better since I began taking massive doses of probiotics, but ….


There’s still been this nagging sorta-sharp pain in my abdomen.

Dr. Google has only been confusing me so, “just to be safe” I went to my appointment.

UCI is a teaching hospital.

That meant first I got to meet with a nurse, and then with a “fellow,” and only then with The Best GI Doctor In The World.

I have a hard time being serious with anyone fellows, and fellows are very serious people.

Also, I tend to apologize for being at medical appointments, all the while telling whoever I’m just fine.

This can be confusing to fellows, but The Best GI Doctor In The World (TBGDITW for short) wasn’t as easily fooled.

It isn’t that I’m trying to give misinformation, it’s just that I’ve been through a lot of medical trauma in my life.

I convince myself (and anyone else who asks) I’m FINE, because I really WANT to be fine.

Mr. Fellow seemed okay with the “I’m fine” concept.  He told me I might be overdoing it just a wee bit on the probiotics, but I think that was about it.

(What??  Living on yogurt and kefir and taking fistfuls or probiotic supplements a few times a day is too much??)

The Best GI Doctor In The World has more experience.

He seemed to know I probably would not be taking up his time if I was indeed FINE.

TBGDITW (after greeting me with a hug) looked at me a bit puzzled, as if I’m an especially challenging specimen on his microscope slide.

I do that to people.

I really do.

I look like a nice normal person, but then I open my mouth and talk.

Anyway, TBGDITW asked questions, and then pressed on a spot in my abdomen.

I said, “Ow!”

He nodded his head.

I knew immediately what was going on.

Dr. Google has practically made me a doctor in my own right.

I confidently said, “That’s my right ovary.”

“No, that’s your appendix,” said TBGDITW.


So much for Dr. Google.

I had decided my right ovary was dead or dying from lack of hormones??

But no, I guess not ….

Apparently, an appendix can become inflamed and then calm down and be normal.

But it doesn’t always calm down and become normal, of course.

Sometimes it explodes and kills you.

Sometimes it explodes and TRIES to kill you, but you get saved before it can.

Other times it acts up when you’re in Hawaii on vacation, then calms down when you’re at home working, and then waits awhile as it ponders acting up again.

He thinks that might be what’s going on.

TBGDITW is going to “take a look” at my appendix via a CAT scan whenever UCI can get it scheduled.  (Relatively soon.)

It’s not an emergency because my symptoms have been improving, not getting worse.

But, of course, that could change at any time.

For instance, my appendix might start hurting quite a lot after its been poked and prodded by a doctor.

Of course, TBGDITW will be checking out other things too when he does the CAT scan, just in case.

It turns out there’s a lot of stuff inside us that can cause abdominal pain.

In the meantime, I’ll keep eating a lot of yogurt and taking probiotic supplements.

Also, despite my wise-ass sense of humor,

I’m very grateful The Best GI Doctor In The World took the time to see me (and my appendix).

I realize he’s accustom to taking care of people with much more serious diseases.

He’s a good guy.

I’d definitely want him in my corner if I was facing any of the really horrible diseases he fights.

It’s also comforting to know someone like him is out there taking care of the people who need him.

6 Responses to “File That Under Appendix”

  1. Kathy

    Sitting (ha!) on a living time bomb? Ouch. Life doesn’t ever calm down for you! But I don’t think anything slows you down? Of course with all those probiotics in you I’m surprised you didn’t have to slow down and go… lack of windows and all 🙂

    I don’t know whether to wish for your appendix to calm down or they just take the damned thing out and get it over with. Either way, fingers crossed for best outcome!

    P.S. like my gravitar?!! I do 🙂

    • Suzanne

      Oh YAY!! Look what you did!
      You just made my DAY! : ))

      I do slow down. I’m one of those people who is either going like a whirlwind or near comatose incubating. : ) If the CAT scan comes back showing any irregularites with my appendix or lingering inflammation, it will have to come out. Better to schedule it, however, than wake up in the middle of the night with an emergency one night. We’ll see.

  2. Denise

    An appendix is not such a little thing if it becomes life threatening. Have it removed and never worry about that.

    • Suzanne

      I know.
      And it will be coming out unless it has completely returned to normal when I have the CAT scan. I guess they can go back to normal and be fine forever … but if it isn’t 100% it will be coming out.

  3. Jan's Sushi Bar

    I thought the appendix is on the left side of the body…perhaps you’re really not like other people!!

    Seriously, though, I hope hope HOPE you won’t have to go under the knife again.

    • Suzanne

      I definitely am NOT like other people, but I’m quite positive everyone has their appendix on the right side! : )

      I am so anti-surgery … but I’d rather deal with it than face an emergency. Especially with the traveling I do …. Can you imagine being in a hotel somewhere when your appendix decides to burst?


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