Lenses For Sale! Etc!

•  I have a post up on my Photography Page (you can subscribe to my photography page here) with details of two lenses I have available for sale.

One of them (Canon 28-135mm) is a good, basic, beginning/multi-purpose lens.  It came with my Canon 7D and I don’t think I’ve used it more than a few times.

(I don’t know why I didn’t buy a “body only” camera when I already had Canon lenses?)

The other (Canon 24-105)  is a high end (amaze-balls!) multi-purpose lens.  I love it a LOT, but I primarily use prime lenses at this point.

It seems like a waste to hang onto lenses I don’t use often “just in case.”

Both lenses are in very good condition.

You can read more details about the pricing, etc., in my post here.

•  My daughter was home the past few days.  She surprised me with a Pumpkin-Spice Latte yesterday morning.  Just like that it felt like fall.  (Never mind the bizarre weather we’re having!)

•  I recently stumbled upon a “reunion” website from my high school class.  I walked away from high school, and never looked back.  Not once.  High school years were not happy years.  It floored me to see names scrolling past of people I haven’t thought of in decades years.  Some of them also had “current” photos of themselves on the site.  I wouldn’t have recognized a single one of them.  Not one.  When did they get so middle-aged looking?  Some people posted updates on their lives.  A huge number of people still live in the exact same neighborhood – and still hang out together.  Why does that seem so odd to me?

•  Do you think the “mean girls” from high school know they were total bitches?

•  I heard a group of Orange County 4th – 6th graders talking about their “credit cards” the other day.  Seriously!  Apparently, OC parents now pre-load cards with money on them for their elementary aged kids.  One boy was telling the other kids he could buy them stuff because he has “three hundred dollars” on his credit card.  This prompted a discussion I was horrified by.  One girl looked embarrassed and out of place because she didn’t have a “credit card.”  I wanted to hug her and tell her she has the only sane parents of the bunch.

•  Sometimes I really have to focus on the positives of Orange County, in an attempt to not be completely horrified by it.

•  If nothing else, bizarre monsoons give us beautiful sunsets.


10 Responses to “Lenses For Sale! Etc!”

  1. Diane

    High school is just an effing weird time in anyone’s life. And yes, those girls know they are bitches and obviously don’t care because even after 40 years they don’t have the good sense to apologize to anyone.

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    I didn’t go to my 30th high school reunion – it wasn’t worth the trouble or expense to travel 1,200 miles to attend. That’s all right; as far as I’m concerned, that’s what Facebook is for – I get to see who got fat and bald from the comfort of my own home, and don’t even have to bother with dressing up.

    • Suzanne

      I don’t *think* anyone from high school has found me on FB.
      I have a different last name now and I haven’t connected with any high schoolers intentionally.
      I’ve tried to hide! : )

  3. J. Delancy

    I’ve started to visit this site just because of the beautiful pictures (actually I like the way the posts are laid out and plan to imitate them but it’s not right to admit that) but the part about the kids is what’s causing me to comment today.
    After six years as a primary school teacher, I can say with confidence that the credit card grade-schoolers will be the entitled jerks and mean girls of the class of 2018, making the high school re-unions of 2038 just as fraught with peril as they are today.
    I’ve never gone to re-union and don’t intend to break the habit.

    P.S I never get the website box to work so: http://www.writingsofamidlifeman.com

    All The Best

    • Suzanne

      (And thank you!)

      I was pretty floored when I overheard the credit card conversation. I can’t even fathom why any parent would do that???

  4. Kristen

    I’ve got to comment on the credit card thing. I have a 4th grader, who most certainly does NOT have a credit card. Nor do any of her close friends. As I’m only a few miles from you, I wonder who on earth these kids belong to. Pretty unbelievable!

    • Suzanne

      Well Kristen, I’m so glad you’re SANE.
      It’s absurd. (In my very humble opinion!)
      I assume the kids are from CDC (Money Town), but I don’t know that for sure. I thought I’d seen/heard it all living here … but this one floored me!

  5. gd

    Will you guarantee that my pics will have the quality of yours if I buy the lenses?


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