My Weekend In Photos (Sort Of)

I spent my weekend eating yogurt.

Here’s a slightly blurry photo of my breakfast yesterday – Fage plain Greek yogurt, organic strawberries and organic purple grapes.

If you missed my post last Friday (explaining WHY I’m consuming cartons of yogurt), you can read it here.  I really appreciate all the info you left for me in the comment section.  I love learning from you.  Your comments are SO helpful.

Also, let’s pretend I intentionally made the above photo “soft” and blurry.  I wouldn’t want you to think I hurriedly snapped the photo just so I could eat breakfast.


I’m taking two probiotic supplement pills each day.  The supplements are a temporary thing (I think?) until someone figures out why it feels like my appendix is about to explode.

By the way, it still DOES feel like my appendix is going to explode, but a lot of my other digestive issues seem to be improving.

This whole stomach/appendix/digestive situation has made me realize how much I’ve been neglecting ME the past few years.

It’s not that I haven’t tried to take care of myself, but my car accident injuries, and living with chronic pain, and running my own business, have taken priority.

Maybe this whole appendix-pretending-to-explode situation is the wake up call I need to begin taking care of ALL of me, instead of just the parts of me which demand it the most loudly.

The oranges on my tree are getting big.  They’re starting to, slightly, change color.

I can’t wait until they’re ripe.  I imagine I’ll be making “Citrus Chicken” (a family favorite) a lot this fall and winter.

On Friday and Saturday, I was “held hostage” by a giant bug which refused to move from just outside my back door.

Yes, I did finally muster the courage to take a photo of it.

As you can see from the expression (?) on its face, it seemed very curious about the sound of my camera shutter.

It is/was nearly five inches long.  I guess it’s a praying mantis, but it was brown not green.  Aren’t praying mantis’s supposed to be green?

Whatever it is …

It finally went away, with a little help from Briefcase.

No, he didn’t kill it.  He relocated it.

I think I forgot to show you the self portrait photo I did for a “Selfie Sunday” project on Google +.

I knew the event was coming up, so I worked on getting a self portrait while I was in Kauai.

I wanted to do something creative ….

I felt like the photo really captured me.

(The people who know me “in real life” are nodding right now.)

Lastly, yesterday we had yet another “monsoon” come in.

I’ve never seen a summer like this one – monsoon after monsoon.

Most of the “bad” weather is out in the deserts, but the clouds hang around my mountains too.

Hot, humid – yuck!

However, even though it was 98F/36.7C and thundered, and rained, it was also BEAUTIFUL.

I took a few photos, of course.

I know a lot of you will never see a “real” monsoon.

I thought I’d share mine ….

Click on photo to purchase, or view larger, in 24atHeart gallery

By the way, right after I took a series of monsoon photos, I went to the beach for about an hour.

I watched a beautiful sunset and enjoyed the fact it was much (!) cooler by the water.

9 Responses to “My Weekend In Photos (Sort Of)”

  1. J. Delancy

    Your pictures are beautiful! I’m happy when the camera is in the right direction and ‘clicks’. Yes, its a praying mantis but they are very adaptive. The ones that live in your flower garden are probably bright and multi-coloured.

    All The Best

    • Suzanne

      Thank you!
      I didn’t realize praying mantis(es?) came in more than one color! : )

  2. LindaP

    Yup, praying mantis. They are the COOLEST bugs! I met many a mantis when I work at a garden center. They are green when there is sufficient rain and turn brown when it is very dry.

    Love the self portrait. Definately you:)

    • Suzanne

      Hmmm – I learn new things every day!
      Well, maybe it went back to being green because we’ve gotten rain the last two days! : )

    • Suzanne

      I will let you know.
      Yes, IBS is a possibility.
      I am feeling better, but still having a very local pain on my right side. Seems like everything is on that side … including my neurostimulator. As of right now, I’d say the probiotics are definitely already helping … at least, with some of the other issues that have been going on in my screwed up body. : )

  3. Diane

    Our preying mantis are bright green. They are harmless and very cool to watch as they turn their head to observe us as we observe them. LOL

    • Suzanne

      Yes, it seemed very curious about me when I began taking it’s photo. Who knew a bug could be so expressive? : )


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