Windows To My Soul? Or Just Windows?

Yesterday, I was in window hell.

We had 27 (TWENTY SEVEN!!!!) windows ripped out of our house.

Then we had 27 new windows installed –

All in one, long, very long, day.

The company we used, Pacific Shores, could not have been more professional.

I would happily recommend them to anyone.

And yet?

Not a fun day!

Ripping windows out of a house is very messy business.

It’s also very LOUD business.

By the way, retrievers don’t like it much either.

Sick, at-home, teenagers don’t like it either.

Also, how to do you pee when there are no windows in any of the bathrooms and your house is crawling with bazillions of men everywhere?

(The men had no embarrassment about peeing in bathrooms that had big holes instead of windows, but I just couldn’t.  I pictured a neighbor waving at me if I even attempted such a thing.)

Basically, replacing an entire house full of windows all at one time just isn’t FUN.

On the other hand, getting it over with all in one day is probably better than dragging it out over several days.

Some of you are probably wondering why I took on The Big Window Project.

Our house was built twenty years ago.

(We weren’t around when it was being built.  We came a bit later!)

The builder put in the worst, cheapest, single-pane, windows he could get his hands on.

The day after our house was built, the laws changed requiring homes in high risk fire areas to have double pane windows.

Yes, the next house built in our neighborhood (and all the ones coming after it) were required to have double pane windows.

How bad were the windows we’ve had since we moved in?

Well, when the Santa Ana winds arrive every year, I’ve been able to watch my hair blowing in the wind while sitting in the house with the windows closed.

And no, I’m not joking.

One of the installers commented, “Oh, you’ve got whistlers.”

“Whistlers?” I asked.

“The wind whistles right through them, right?”

It was so nice to meet a man who understands!

I imagine our heating and air conditioning bills will drop considerably now that we have “real” windows.

Of course, now I need window coverings for twenty seven windows.

(The ones we had “don’t fit” with the new windows.)

One project always leads right into another, doesn’t it?

And paint!  Now we need paint.

P.S.  I didn’t take any photos of The Big Window Project because I didn’t want to expose my camera to all the dust and debris.

P.P.S.  I did “get out” for two hours in the middle of The Big Window Project.  More about THAT in tomorrow’s post.

P.P.P.S.  I know someone is going to ask, so … the new windows are Milgard Windows.

6 Responses to “Windows To My Soul? Or Just Windows?”

    • Suzanne

      Mess, mess, and more mess.
      But hey, I’ve wated two decades for real windows …

  1. Denise

    I am so over house projects for a while. This house was purchased as a fixer-upper and a lot has been fixed over the past 4 years. I’m tired of the planning, the decision making, the messes, the people in my house….just tired of it. I have two more single pane sliding doors to replace and then we are 100% living with upgraded windows. And it has made a big big difference. Last week I had new hardwood put in our one remaining carpeted room. Check that off the list. The kitchen desperately needs updating but that’s a bigger project than we are going to tackle for now….hopefully early next year:-)

    • Suzanne

      I get that way too. I’ll do house projects for awhile and then want nothing to do with them for months. I think it takes time to recuperate from what a PITA they are! : )


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