Halloween – Orange County Style

Happy Halloween!

Where did the month of October go?

I love seeing how people decorate their homes for Halloween.

People go all out with decorations on Balboa Island in Newport Beach.

It’s fun to walk along the boardwalk and look at all the houses and decorations.

(BTW rides will be free on the Balboa Fun Zone Ferris Wheel from 4-8 pm today/tonight as long as you’re in a costume.  How fun would it be to hang out there for awhile and then take the ferry over to the island for an hour or two?)

I snapped a few Balboa Island/Halloween photos recently so I could share them with you.

Some of the Balboa residents have clearly spent too much time partying in the sun.

See what happens if you spend day after day drinking tropical cocktails on your beach house porch?

A lot of the docks are also spruced up this time of year.

It makes me want a dock.

(I would probably spend way too much time making it look festive.)

Speaking of the island boardwalk –

You never know what might show up as you take a walk.

As long as nothing reaches out and grabs me, I’m okay with it.

I bought some really pretty orange marigolds for my front porch this year.

They’re nestled with several pumpkins and one jack-o-lantern.

Walking around Balboa Island made me feel like an inadequate Halloween decorator.

Even simple decorations look cute on the island.

Why is that?

Does everything seem cuter when you’re in a beachy, island, environment?

Of course, some of the decorations I saw weren’t at all simple.

I want to trick-or-treat at the above house.

I wonder if they’d mind having an adult show up?

10 Responses to “Halloween – Orange County Style”

  1. Denise

    It looks like these people have a Hollywood connection involved with set design! There is a Scarecrow Festival in Cambria with some cute designs all over town. Beach towns are always cute, whatever they do.

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    You’ve decorated more for the holiday than we have – I haven’t even brought my usual “autumn” decorations out of the basement yet. Not sure why; I guess I just can’t remember them.

    That last house is…um…over the top, yes?

  3. Erica

    The two skeletons were pretty covered up for cocktails on the porch. At least they tried to protect themselves from the sun. 😀


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