Help me “Blog Name” New PT!

I’m struggling with a HUGE decision, so I decided I’d ask for your help.

I’m spending a lot of time with New PT lately.

I haven’t called him an asshole yet – which is really quite remarkable.

I have already called him a smart ass.

I can think of a lot of “blog names” for New PT, but the endless possibilities he provides me with are making the decision more difficult instead of easier.

Today, I thought I’d tell you a little about him and maybe you can throw some suggestions out.

•  New PT is the owner of a large physical therapy practice in Newport Beach.

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•  Newport Beach is an extremely affluent city with a lot of bazillionaire residents.  Thus, New PT is working with OC’s finest (??) day in and day out.  (The blog material surrounding Newport Beach is ENDLESS!)

•  New PT doesn’t live in Newport Beach himself.

•  New PT is very friendly and personable and not the least bit shy.

•  New PT shares my inappropriate sense of humor and doesn’t appear to be fazed by anything I do or say.  (Yet!)

•  New PT laughed first when I misspoke yesterday, saying I needed Dr. Painless “to give me that thing in the ass again.”

•  A shot.  I needed a shot.

•  New PT is married and has a family.

•  New PT is sort of attractive until he starts to hurt me and then he morphs into being very unattractive.

•  New PT is intelligent.  And knowledgeable.  Which are not the same thing.

•  New PT is annoying sometimes.  Aren’t all PTs??  He constantly points out all the things I’m doing wrong.  (You’re only gesturing with one hand again, You’re holding your body wrong, Don’t lift your shoulder when you try to move your arm, How heavy was that lens you shot with?  Blah, blah, blah, blah, BLAH!)

•  You can see another light bulb go on  (Aha!!!)   every time New PT discovers another thing wrong with the upper right quadrant of my body.  There are a lot of things to discover about my dysfunction.  I’m very complicated.  Pretty much nothing in the upper right quadrant of my body works the way it’s supposed to.  Yesterday, he found things wrong with my back and armpit.  Yes, that’s right – even my armpit is screwed up.

•  New PT is sneaky and connives with Dr. BigWig when I’m not around.  (Quite seriously, they’re plotting behind my back.)

•  New PT knows my medical insurance gave up on paying my bills long ago.  He’s being very generous with me.  I am, already, forever grateful.

•  I’m going to provide New PT with services for some of my medical costs.

•  Does that previous point sound inappropriate?  (I’m talking about photography services.)

•  New PT has been described by other people I know as crazy, intelligent, insane, and insanely intelligent.

•  New PT is extremely observant and perceptive.

•  New PT is being very gentle with me, except when he isn’t.  So far, he’s been more gentle with me than any other PT.  I know it won’t last, but I appreciate it for the time being.  Also?  He uses warm lube.

•  When the subject of Surgery #9 has come up, New PT looks at me warily as if he knows I might dissolve into a puddle of tears any minute.  (Surgery #9 will probably be in January and it will, at minimum, involve removing my recently recalled bionics.)

•  New PT is pretty funny.  (Thank God!)

•  New PT thinks I’m pretty funny.  (We’ll see how long THAT lasts!)

Okay – now it’s your turn.

I have a few possible blog names for New PT rattling around in my brain, but I’d love to hear any ideas you have before making such a serious decision.

I think he’s going to be in my life for quite awhile, so I want to get this right ….

30 Responses to “Help me “Blog Name” New PT!”

    • Suzanne

      Noooo … I can’t do that one.
      You know men and their egos! : )

    • Suzanne

      Well, he’s got to stick around for awhile to get that title.
      He might run away from me once he gets a better grasp of my smart-ass-ness-ish-ness.
      : )

  1. Dawn

    Sounds like he can’t really be “pinned down” to just one title, so how about something like “Mr. Conundrum” or “The Enigma?” Also, based on what you said, he would have found the inappropriateness in my statement about being pinned down, so maybe “Mr. Inappropriate?”

    • Suzanne

      Good ideas –
      And yes, he’d be all over the pinned down stuff.

      Wait –
      I mean … well, you know what I mean. : )

  2. Lily

    I like fingers too. Maybe goldfinger, or dr touched (since he’s crazy)
    Or something massage related?

  3. Dorothy

    I see someone else went the same place as me, I thought that Mr. Magic, something along the same lines as Magic Johnson. Magic Fingers sounds great. Crazy Fingers? Mad Magic? Weird Magic? Merlin?
    Ok I’ll stop lol.
    Can’t wait to see his new name!

    • Suzanne

      Thank you …
      I do like the magic idea.
      (I think the problem is I like too many ideas!)
      : )

  4. joanne

    I had a friend once that used to call people “anal pore” they would stop look blank and then you could see the flash of recognition. it was AWESOME!

  5. joanne

    PS, has my art shipped yet?? I am on pins and needles!!

    • Suzanne

      It did indeed!
      I hope you love it! : )
      Thank you for being so excited about my art!

  6. Michelle

    The Wizard
    Dr. Strange (a famous magician)
    The Beast
    Sir Lancelot
    Rhett Butler

    • Suzanne

      Wow – you’ve come up with a lot.
      Thank you!
      Also? I think I’m getting even MORE confused with so many choices! : )


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