Life’s a (Newport) Beach

Newport Beach has become my home away from home lately.

I thought I’d start collecting some photos to share with you.

First of all, no Southern California beach is complete without surfer dudes ….

It takes work to get the surfer look down.

The Wedge is the world-famous surfing spot in Newport Beach.

When the waves at The Wedge aren’t good enough for surfing, the boogie boarders take over.

Dangerous waves and a “bad” shore break give The Wedge its reputation for being a serious challenge.

Waves come in from two different directions and crash into each other.  There are very few “predictable” waves at The Wedge.

Can you see the guy on the boogie board in the above photo?

It isn’t unusual to see people lined up on the beach watching the surfers.

On high surf days the TV crews are out there filming too.

The Wedge provides great entertainment.

Not getting hurt is harder than it looks!

I watched one guy try to get a good GoPro shot of himself boarding for two hours.

He kept getting crushed by waves.

It highly amused me –

Both as a photographer, and as a 5th generation California girl.

There’s an entire sub-culture built around The Wedge.

In truth, it’s kind of fun to have my camera in hand when I visit.

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6 Responses to “Life’s a (Newport) Beach”

  1. Gaelyn

    Looks like surfer boys haven’t changed their look too much over the years/decades. That wave looks way too scary to be in. But your shots are great.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      The waves there are very dangerous … not for the inexperienced!

    • Suzanne

      Well, you never know –
      We do have deer in our canyons here.
      My guess is they’re vegetarians! : )

  2. Denise

    I took some surfing photos last week too, but nothing that got me this close. It takes a big ass lens to really capture those dudes. Loving your Newport Beach photos, ALMOST makes me want to drive down there. But LA traffic? Nah.

    • Suzanne

      You should come down for a visit!
      I am dying to get up your way too – things keeping ruining my plans to head your way.
      I use a 400mm for surf shots. A 500mm would be a lot better but I don’t think my arm could handle it.


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