My Favorite Photo This Week

I had a completely different post planned for today,

But everything about it fell apart – the words, the story, the photos ….

So, instead I thought I’d share with you my most recent favorite photo.

And yes, I do change my mind about which photo is my favorite fairly frequently.

But this one is really, really! really!! my favorite.

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I took the above photo at Crystal Cove State Park at sunset.

The park is located between Newport Beach (Corona del Mar) and Laguna Beach.

Once in awhile I find myself lucky enough to be in the right place, with perfect light, at the exact right moment.

I’m usually cold, soaking wet, and covered from head to toe with sand when all the perfect happens at once.

(I think that’s the “work” part of my job.)

I’ve been selling a lot of big, beautiful, “local” photos lately.

I can’t wait for someone to order this one in a giant metal print.

I absolutely have to see it “in real life.”

The metal prints come out like paintings.

In fact, I’ve had people insist (after seeing one) they ARE paintings.

They’re not though.  I know that for a fact, because I’m the one clicking the shutter.

In any case, this one’s going to be amaze-balls.

(Did I really just write the word amaze-balls?)

Honestly, if someone doesn’t buy it in metal soon –

I will.

I HAVE to see this one completed.

(I hope you like it too!)

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