San Francisco – The Photographers

I love visiting San Francisco.

It’s a beautiful city.

The photography community in San Francisco is vibrant and fun.

I thought you might enjoy getting a “behind the scenes” glimpse of my last visit.

On Thursday night, I took a cab to a restaurant called Henry’s Hunan.

It was raining on the taxi ride there.  My cab driver got lost, but refused to reduce his fee even though he’d driven several blocks in the wrong direction.

Over one hundred photographers had RSVP’ed to come meet for dinner and an evening of photography.

I’m not exactly sure how many people turned out.

People were coming and going all night, so who knows how many people actually stopped in at some point during the night.

Here’s a photo of my table during dinner:

Dinner at Henry’s Hunan Restaurant – Photo by Gordon Laing (using my camera).

That’s Thomas Hawk to my right, and Sam Breach on my left.  (I won’t list everyone out who was at the table – you’re welcome!)  Thomas and Sam are both awesome photographers.  Sam has a British accent which makes her even MORE fun to talk to than she already is.

Thomas was nice enough to serve me from the Lazy Susan in the middle of the table.  (Doing it myself was a problem with my bum arm.)

I was very grateful for the help.

It did make me laugh,  however, because men are very different than women when they serve food.

After dinner, and a whole lot of conversation, we headed out into the night for some photography.

Of course, we got sidetracked every few minutes.

There’s always something (or someone) to take a photo of, right?

Thomas Hawk and his fun (beautiful) wife, Julia.  (I’m not sure who took this photo, but it wasn’t me.)


We walked, took photos, and walked some more.

Photowalks are more of a social event than a serious photography event.

We walked up one of those evil, beautiful, straight-up, San Francisco roads while carrying all sorts of photography equipment.

I don’t think anyone knew where we were going, except Thomas Hawk.

A lot of people seemed to get lost, or sidetracked, before we reached the top of the hill.

(They might have been passed out somewhere due to our excessive intake of Chinese food prior to a strenuous hike up the hill?)

Group Photo by Peter Adams

Peter Adams (poor guy) had carried all of his own gear PLUS lights up the hill.  He was given the task of taking a group shot of whoever made it to the top.

Don’t we look great?

Sweaty, rained on, but happy!

(In case you missed it last weekend, the photo I took of the city once we reached our destination is here.)

After a lot of not-too-serious photography time, we walked back down into the city.

Along the way, we came across a very drunk woman who insisted we were paparazzi and wanted to know where we were hiding Tom Hanks.

At first, she was pretty amusing.

A half hour later she seemed a lot less funny, and a lot more annoying.

As we walked, I took this photo of Ricardo Lagos:

Ricardo Lagos

We finished the night up at Specs Bar in North Beach.

At that point, we were all getting tired and we had been rained on for quite awhile.

It didn’t make things any less fun, though.

Photo of Suzanne Haggerty by Ricardo Lagos.

It was a very fun night.

As always, a big thank you to the San Francisco photography community for being so welcoming.

Special thanks to Thomas Hawk for organizing the night and being such a wonderful host.

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  1. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Oh, I just BET that cab driver got “lost.” Hmph.

    It looks like you had a great time, and I just had to laugh at the rice on top of the vegetables.

    • Suzanne

      I agree re the driver. My cab drivers this trip were terrible.
      Yep, I laughed too when he threw the rice on top. : )


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