The Weekend, In Summary

I hope you had a nice weekend.

Newport Beach:  Click on photo to purchase, or view larger, in 24atHeart gallery.

I went to a party last Friday night.

It was fun.

I had the opportunity to get caught up with some people I haven’t seen for awhile.

It also reminded me of what my life used to be like.

It’s amazing how one incident (in my case, the car accident) can be such a force in dividing a person’s life into before and after.

There were several people at the party who I hadn’t seen since before the accident.

It’s so strange … life just went on so normally for them –

Which, of course, is a good thing.

Our intense heat/summer of the last few months finally broke this weekend.

It was so refreshing to have “cool” temperatures – probably about 70F/21C.

To celebrate, on Saturday, I went to see Argo.

(For me, movies are something you do on cold days when you aren’t as likely to be outside.)

I really liked the movie a lot.

In fact, I’ve had a hard time NOT thinking about Ben Affleck‘s body ever since.

It’s possible I even texted my daughter the next day saying, “Ben Affleck is yummy.”

(She happens to agree, so that just goes to show there is no such thing as a generation gap these days.)

I’ve recently started watching the first season of Breaking Bad, also.

Yes, I realize I’m several years behind the rest of the world but I don’t watch much TV.

In any case, it’s addicting – at least so far.

Why was I having so much “media” time this weekend?

Well, part of it was the weather –

But also, I’m in an intense (!!) pain flare-up so I was making a concerted effort to NOT touch my camera for a day or two.

It’s really no surprise:

Trip to San Francisco (luggage), shooting in SF, a couple Neanderthal visits, New PT visits, Newport Beach photowalk, shooting Balboa, shooting surfers at The Wedge with a big 400 mm lens …..

It’s sort of amazing I made it as long as I did.

The pain has been rising steadily throughout all of it.

Anyway, my nerves finally just freaked the hell out and decided to protest by screaming as loudly as possible.

(I’m seeing Dr. Painless on Tuesday, so I’m sure I’ll get a shot in the ass then … never fun, but helpful when I get this bad.)

I was still pretty busy all weekend, but I slowed down a lot for me.

(I only did 500 loads of laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, etc. … the bare minimum.  And no, I didn’t have any family members around to help this weekend.)

In any case, I’m trying to focus on the beauty in life instead of the (currently very intense) pain ….

Newport Beach:  Click on photo to purchase, or view larger, in 24atHeart gallery.

5 Responses to “The Weekend, In Summary”

  1. WebSavvyMom

    –>We jumped on the Breaking Bad bandwagon earlier this year. It gets a lot better once Jessie and Walter figure out more of a “business plan.”

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    I’m sorry for your bad flair-up, but glad you took it (reasonably) easy this weekend.

    We’re still working our way through season 6 of Dexter; once we’ve finished it we’re going to watch Breaking Bad, which we haven’t seen yet. So you’re ahead of us. 😉

    • Suzanne

      Ahh … and we finished Season 6 of Dexter right before this! : )

  3. Kathy

    Fingers crossed that the extreme pain subsides soon…and you have the patience to wait it out 🙂

    And the normal people? …sigh… they don’t have a clue. I guess that’s just as well (unless they start with the stupid comments!).

    But sometimes it feels a little unfair.


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