Adventures in Austin, Texas

My trip to Austin, was very interesting.

It was a lot of travel for a three day period.

I always underestimate how tiring sitting on planes/in airports can be.

(It didn’t help I had a terrible pain flare-up the night before I left.  I got NO sleep Thursday night, and then left for the airport Friday morning.)

There should be a rule somewhere in the universe stating you must BE in a city/location for at least twice as long as it takes you to travel there and back.

Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?

After a very long day, I arrived in Austin early Friday evening.

I was excited to be staying at the famous Driskill Hotel.

The Driskill is such a treat.

It’s so rich in history – it’s just an amazing place.

I could have, happily, spent my entire way-too-short trip just photographing details of the hotel.

The hotel is supposedly haunted.

I requested a room with a ghost, so I was put in “the old historic” part of the hotel.

Did I see a ghost?

I’m not sure ….

Did a few weird things happen?

Yes, they did.

I chalked it up to the fact the hotel is old (built in 1886), but maybe –

Just maybe, I had a mischievous ghost in my room.

Friday night, I walked around Austin a lot just to get a feel for my surroundings.

6th Street is a popular hangout spot for local college kids and music enthusiasts.

Click on photo to purchase, or view larger, in 24atHeart gallery.

I walked (and walked and walked).  I talked to lots of people I didn’t know.  I took photos, and eventually I returned to The Driskill.

The next morning I met up with Markus Spiering (from Flickr) and many Austin/Texas based photographers for a photo walk.

Photo by Bill McNeill

Didn’t Bill do a GREAT job taking this pano shot of our very large group?  He’s awesome!

(I’ll share more about the photo walk in a separate post.)

After the walk was over, a lot of us went to a restaurant for beer lunch.

A new friend, named Carlos Austin, offered to tour me around more of Austin in the afternoon.

(My afternoon with Carlos also deserves a post of its own – we saw some amazing stuff!)

The end of the day found us in the popular SoCo (South Congress) area enjoying a margarita or two.

Those of you who are celebrity stalkers might find it interesting to hear Val Kilmer was seated behind me at the restaurant.

Afterwards, Carlos and I ran down the middle of (very busy!) Congress Street trying to get a good shot of the setting sun as it lit up downtown.

It’s pretty amazing we weren’t hit by a car or arrested.

Click on photo to purchase, or view larger, in 24atHeart gallery.

Eventually, night began to fall.

Exhaustion from a whirlwind two days set in.

I thanked Carlos for being an awesome tour guide and returned to my haunted hotel.

Sadly, most of Sunday was spent on my return trip to California.

P.S.  Within my first two hours of being back home, my dog barfed three times.  My life is magical, isn’t it?

7 Responses to “Adventures in Austin, Texas”

    • Suzanne

      I wish I’d had more time there.
      I really didn’t seem much of they “normal” stuff.
      On the other hand, it was kind of cool to see things most people don’t see when they visit Austin.

  1. Rachael Macry

    Great photo! I hope you don’t mind, I shared it on Facebook (with a notation that it was for sale :D)

    I always want to catch a photo from this angle at this time of day but from the fly over a little southwest of here.. IF I had an awesome camera and IF I wasn’t driving at the time..

    We like to go to the Driskill for drinks sometimes, we feel all fancy when we do. I’m glad you had a good time!

    • Suzanne

      Thanks – it was great!
      I love when my photos are shared. I always request photo credit so people can find me if they’re interested in purchasing them … I saw you went a step beyond for me. Thank you so much! : )

  2. Gaelyn

    You do make some whirlwind tours. Love that group shot! Nice to have a tour guide to show you highlights. Am super curious about your “ghost.”

  3. Suzanne Y.

    Sorry Austin was so hot. You really, really need to come back in the spring March/April for the wildflower season. The weather is much cooler and the flowers are amazing. Did you get to the State Capitol to photograph the rotunda and the amazing ceiling? Will you be posting other Austin pictures for sale?


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