Glimpses of Me

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Have I shown you the cool photo I took at LAX airport last time I was there?

I was exhausted from flying back from North Carolina.  (Flapping my arms for all those hours is very tiring!)

I stopped on a bridge/overpass … overwhelmed with luggage and crap.

Still, I know a good photo when I see one so I threw everything on the ground long enough to take a shot.

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•  Yesterday, prior to the arrival of trick-or-treaters, I attempted to put a candle inside our jack o’lantern.

I noticed the jack o’lantern was filled with mold.

(Not just a little mold.)

The jack o’lantern was filled with big massive, VERY HAIRY, green, ALIVE AND WANTING TO GRAB ME mold.

I pondered this horrifying situation for a minute.

Then, I had the following email exchange with Briefcase:

24:  You need to come home early.  We have a crisis!!!  The pumpkin has mold growing in it and I’m afraid to put my hand in it to put a candle in there!  : )

Briefcase: Mold is good for you – that is where penicillin comes from!

I didn’t bother to respond.

Men are just so different from women – why bother to try and educate them to the horrors of LONG-HAIRED-HAIRY mold?

Instead, I eyed the now-scary jack o’lantern for the remainder of the day in case the mold leaped out of it and chased me down.

•  The Torturer didn’t like making eye contact with me when he was doing stuff to me.  Paul Newman prefers eye contact.  It takes all kind of men, doesn’t it?  (I can’t help but compare the two of them.)

•  Paul Newman has promised he won’t abandon me.  The fact we’ve discussed my deep PT abandonment issues, tells you a lot about my emotional scars.

•  The Torturer texted me with birthday wishes this week.  That was very nice of him.

•  I am realizing now, my arm/upper body has not gotten the care I needed for the last two and a half years since The Torturer Debacle.  Some of the intermittent treatment has helped me to function day to day, but it’s very evident my body/my injuries need more.  A part of me wonders how different life would have been if I hadn’t had such an abrupt end to my treatment with The Torturer.  Would I be “cured” by now?  I think I definitely would be functioning at a higher level.

•  Paul Newman is very, very, good at what he does.  The man really knows his shit and he “gets” my physical injuries probably better than anyone ever has.  Every woman needs a man who understands her body, right?  (Gawd, I hope he isn’t reading 24 today – there’s not a man on earth who needs a bigger ego!)

•  Never tell a PT you felt “great” after your last treatment.  He will immediately think he went too easy on you and make sure you never say those words again.

•  I’m learning to push down with my right hand/arm.  Yes, I do need to re-learn the most basic of things.  It’s very frustrating and SLOW.  I have no patience with my own ineptitude.  None.  How can such simple things be so damn hard?

•  I think I’ve turned into a grown up.  I don’t like Halloween candy.  If I’m going to splurge on something sweet, I’d rather have a bite of high quality chocolate vs. Halloween candy.

•  I have crazy, mad, skills at turning almost any statement into an inappropriate sexual innuendo.  I don’t know why none of my teachers ever appreciated my gift when I was growing up?

•  I’m staying in a (supposedly real) haunted hotel during my Austin trip.  When I made my hotel reservation they asked if there were “any amenities” I’d like to request in my room for my arrival.  I asked if I could get a room with a ghost.  They laughed.  I wasn’t joking.  What could be more fun than spending a night with a ghost and possibly capturing him-her-it on camera?

11 Responses to “Glimpses of Me”

  1. Diane

    My husband would have said the same thing had I called him about mold in a pumpkin. Men sometimes have no mercy on ‘we’ the weaker sex. LOL

    • Suzanne

      Normal mold I can handle.
      Super long HAIRY mold is an entirely different story! : )

  2. Denise

    I guess moving from the Bay Area to our little ranch has helped me in many ways. I would put on disposable gloves and carve that mold right out of that pumpkin, throw the mold in the garbage, and be done with it.
    SO GLAD you are getting more function from your arm/shoulder!!

  3. Erica

    I hadn’t realized it had been so long since the Torturer. I’m glad you’ve finally found someone to take his place.

    • Suzanne

      I really want to make an inappropriate joke in response to that, but I will behave! : )

  4. Michelle

    I guess we all turn into grown ups eventually. But the candy (halloween, Christmas, Easter) is the true test. They are all disgusting.

      • Michelle

        We have our grown up moments – like the last day of our kids school (where did that time go?), and the occasional minute here and there. But on the whole, my husband and I never grew up. We have have aged, and possibly (just possibly) matured, but didn’t grow up. 🙂


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