Staying In The Moment

It has been a family-filled week.

I’m ignoring all the Christmas decorations and shopping madness I already see everywhere.

I’ve been focusing on “just” Thanksgiving weekend, and the family members we’ve had here with us.

(Everyone’s leaving today – there’s no need to think about the next holiday while they’re still here, right?)

Yesterday, we went to see Skyfall.

I liked it!

I ate popcorn at the movie, and then I felt BLEH.

I’m going back to my “green shakes” today. ¬†They don’t make me feel BLEH.

It’s been such a gorgeous holiday weekend here.

I’m trying to concentrate on how beautiful it has been.

I keep reminding myself to breathe in the beauty.

I’m in a terrible pain flare-up, of course.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to avoid it this time of year.

Instead, I try to distract myself as much as I can.

Beauty, beauty, beauty everywhere –

Focus on the beauty.

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2 Responses to “Staying In The Moment”

  1. Robert

    I have been a reader of yours for a couple years now. The photograph that you posted on 11-25 is your most beautiful so far, it is stunning.

    Also, keep us posted on what happens in “money town”, it’s always a hoot.



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