The Checklist

Whew – I needed yesterday … in so many ways!

•  First of all, I haven’t taken my shoes off (except to shower) since the scorpion incident.

•  What?  You’ve worn shoes to bed before, right?  (You’re so KINKY!!)

•  I have not  (!!!!!)  seen a scorpion in the last 24 hours.

•  I am still very concerned about scorpion(s).

•  By the way, I AM a scorpio (n?) – for those of you who believe in astrological signs.  (Emotional?  Intense? Sexier than hell???)

•  I moved 13,000 RAW files off my laptop yesterday.  Yes, I said thirteen THOUSAND!  (Thanks to thunderbolt technology – it went faster than expected!)

•  Omigod – can you believe it?  I was told I’d never hold a camera again – and look at me now!  My heart is bursting with joy over this accomplishment!  Seriously, it’s crazy and AMAZING!

•  I (finally!) got a couple hours to mentally recharge yesterday.

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•  I highly recommend you NEVER hike over zillions of rocks, wade through waves, gingerly step through tidepools (in your new sneakers), while carrying a huge, heavy, tripod, a backpack full of gear, and a professional camera.

•  Seriously – you’d be out of your mind to do something like that.  (It’s really hard to balance while climbing and carrying so much crap.)

•  It was hot yesterday.

•  Scorpions like hot weather.  (Boo!  Hiss!  I don’t like scorpions!)

•  I got sunburned and I had sunscreen on.  (My nose has not stopped peeling for months!)

•  I really, really, needed to be out there though.  I’m a better (nicer/calmer/saner) person now.

•  I’m still behind on everything.  (Of course I am!  I was out playing with my camera instead of tackling my To Do list!)

•  Can’t we just go back to September until we all get caught up with our lives?  (I want a couple months to get ready for the holidays!)

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  1. Jan's Sushi Bar

    I know – the holidays are just zooming towards us at warp speed. I’m with you – let’s turn the clock back to September; at least I’ll be warm.


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