Thanksgiving Weekend

As I was prepping our turkey for roasting the other day,

I discovered TWO NECKS inside it.

I freaked out.

You do know what two turkey necks mean, don’t you?

A two headed turkey!

I wish I’d seen it before it was sent to our butcher.

I haven’t taken many photos over the weekend.

This time of year is very tough on my arm – cooking, and cooking, and cooking.

And cleaning and cleaning and cleaning.

And decorating and shopping and, and, and!

I try to go light on camera-time to give my arm a rest.

(Have I ever mentioned my arm really hurts if I try to use it at all?)

I did take a few photos over the holiday though.

Some of them involved a drinking game.

(Drinking games happen at your house during the holidays when you have a college-aged kid come home.)

In a weak attempt to counter all the Thanksgiving food and drinking,

I’ve been trying to consume a healthy “green” smoothie as one of my meals each day.

I’m pretty sure even my toes are starting to sprout muscles as a result.

(By the way, I’m really glad I don’t like pie.  Am I the only one?)

I also got some beach time, of course.

The entire family was pretty happy about that!

One Response to “Thanksgiving Weekend”

  1. Kathy

    I love your dog.. I wish I could have one. And are you sure it was a two-headed turkey? Maybe one just ran over, trying to save its friend and got caught in the crossfire? Maybe they couldn’t bear to be separated, because it was true turkey love? LOL

    Enjoy the weekend – and hope you don’t over do it.


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