The Holidays Have Begun …

The cranberries are made.

The potato casserole is made.

The turkey is soaking in brine.

I’ve been at grocery store(s) and in the kitchen cooking almost nonstop the last couple days.

It’s hectic, but I like it.

I love having my family here.

The weather is picture perfect too.

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I’m planning on taking a lot of long walks over the next few days.

It would be a shame to waste the beautiful days by not getting outside.

Besides, I think it takes a lot of trudging through sand to work off all that turkey ….

One Response to “The Holidays Have Begun …”

  1. Jan's Sushi Bar

    I start my cooking at noon today.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, Suzanne! Enjoy those long walks, try not too stress too much, and accept any and all offers of help in the kitchen and around the house.


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