When Weekend Plans Fall Apart

My weekend began last Friday afternoon when I came down with a killer sore throat and fever.

By Saturday, I added lots of snot to my Sexy Factor.

Amazingly, I’m perfectly fine now.

(Except I feel like a gigantic marshmallow from sitting around all weekend!)

It was just a slightly-more-than-24-hour bug, I guess.

As a result, my belated birthday plans for Saturday night were cancelled.

This, apparently, is the year I completely skip my 24th birthday.

It is just not meant to be.

I’m raising a white flag.

I officially give up on having a birthday celebration in the year 2012.

I did get a great present, though.

Briefcase didn’t know what to get me for a birthday gift this year so he suggested I “just order something photography-related.”

I was happy to take him up on his offer.

My self-ordered gift arrived just in time for my Sick Weekend.

(Come to think of it, since he left his offer vaguely open-ended, maybe I should have ordered the Canon 1DX instead?  That bill sure would have shocked the hell out of surprised him!)

While I was playing with my new birthday toy, the rest of Orange County was out enjoying a beautiful, spectacular, weekend.

Click on photo to purchase, or view larger, in 24atHeart gallery.

I drank tea, gazed longingly at my camera, wiped snot from my nose, and tried to cheer myself up by beginning the process of learning how to use a Wacom Tablet.

(Yes, I really have been the only photographer on earth who wasn’t already using a graphics tablet.)

I’ll write more about my Intuos 5 in time.

For now, I’ll share this:

•  Yes, I am a nerd.  What was your first clue?

•  If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, a graphics tablet is sort of like an iPad except you draw/paint on it.  Nothing shows up on the all black tablet though.  (That’s the confusing part!)  What you draw shows up on your computer instead.  Sort of.  It involves making your hand draw/paint in the correct part of the tablet that corresponds to your computer screen.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

•  People weren’t kidding when they told me there’s a  2 – 3 year week learning curve with a tablet.

•  Eye-hand coordination has taken on a whole new meaning since I began teaching myself how to use it.  (Apparently, I don’t have any?!)

•  Parts of my brain clearly don’t function.  (There’s a reason why Paul Newman tells me I have some of the same needs as a “neuro” patient???)

•  It’s good for our brains to learn new skills, right??

•  In spite of my lack of innate ability, I’m already falling in love.  I wish I had made the purchase sooner.

•  Seriously, this toy is magicaland you know how I love my toys!)

7 Responses to “When Weekend Plans Fall Apart”

  1. Denise

    Love the photo. Belated Happy Birthday to you and enjoy that new toy:-)

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Oh, I wish Beloved would give me such a blank check for a birthday present. He won’t though – unfortunately, he knows just how much a Vitamix blender and a Sous Vide Supreme cost. 🙁

    • Suzanne

      Well, it wasn’t exactly a blank check … or I would have ordered the camera! : ) LOL

      I would LOVE a Vitamix blender myself, but I don’t dare mention it. Maybe someday if I ever stop acquiring photography stuff??

  3. Gaelyn

    This new toy sounds like a better birthday present than the snot thing. Glad you’re feeling better.


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