Why Do Men Like Beer More Than Women Do?

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•  Why do (most) men like beer more than (most) women do?

This is what I was wondering as I did some of my Thanksgiving grocery shopping last weekend.

I like a cold beer once in a great while, on a hot day, or sometimes with a certain dish.

Beer is filling though, and there’s just so much of it.

Men, it seems, like beer a lot more.

Maybe because men consider burping an art form?

•  Why do OC women bring their little (itty bitty) dogs around with them everywhere?

I love animals, and dogs in particular, but I find it really annoying.

Are Mini-Dogs the new OC fashion statement?

It seems to be a particularly big issue in Newport Beach, where itty-bitty dogs are rarely seen without fashionable clothes on.  I see dogs in department stores, in restaurants, in grocery stores – basically, everywhere.  Sometimes Mini-Dogs are in purses or baby strollers.  Oftentimes, Mini-Dogs are leading their OC Plastic Barbies around by rhinestone leashes.

Mini-Dog Owners all seem to feel it’s their right to have a dog wherever they go.  (Of course, a sense of entitlement is the norm for people in Orange County.)

•  Why are my still bionic nipples still so fabulous?

Oh wait, that wasn’t supposed to be in this blog post ….

•  Why hasn’t anyone published a book of all the text messages my friend Nike and I have exchanged over the years?

There is so much humor and inappropriateness in our messages.  The ironic thing is, neither of us lifts an eyebrow when random messages come across our phone.  We may not have talked for weeks, but then there’s an exchange like this:

“I’m in a biker’s bikini bar and a naked woman just grabbed my boob.”

“So jealous!  Why didn’t you invite me?”

“It was a hasty decision.  But, I got you a t-shirt about having sex with a midget!”

Little People!”

“No, he specifically asked to be called a midget and he gave me a sex t-shirt for you.”

“Oh. Well then, thank you???”

“He’s wearing a diaper ….”


•Why are OC women taking the drug Topamax (an anti-seizure medication) in record numbers for weight loss?

Topamax, which doctors often refer to as “stupid pills” affect your THINKING.  Is it really worth it?  By the way, this is a drug which was presented to me as a possibility for pain control.  I turned it down, because I highly value the gift of my brain.  I’d love to be pain-free and skinny, but I would never consider forfeiting my intelligence.

A woman I know (very well) is taking it for weight loss.  Yes, she’s lost a lot of weight.  She’s also lost all her friends.  No one can tolerate being around her because she acts like an idiot all the time.  She’s also going home with random men she meets in bars now – something she would not have done before.  She’s not thinking.  She’s not herself.  I honestly don’t know if she’s safe from her own bad decisions.

I don’t understand why doctors are prescribing this purely for weight loss purposes?

(Unless the doctors are the men picking up on Topamax Women in bars??)

•  Is there something you’re wondering about, lately? 

If you’ve got some odd or interesting why questions rattling about in your brain, I’d love to hear them.

Maybe, together, we can come up with answers ….

P.S.  My blogging might be hit or miss this week.  I’ve got family around all week for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I’m very excited about having everyone here, but I know I’ll have a very busy week.

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  1. Jan's Sushi Bar

    I was going to say something about beer (can’t stand it), then about the midget and t-shirt (after I finished laughing), but the whole Topamax thing has left me, well, speechless.



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