Are You a Good Gift Wrapper?

Well, hello holiday season.

I thought, for awhile last weekend, I was (semi) in control of holiday chaos this year.

In the last 24 hours, I realized there’s so much left to do.

I try to space out gift wrapping, in particular, because wrapping is an arm intensive activity.

Arm intensive activities = painful activities.

I used to make an effort to wrap packages nicely with special ribbons and bows.

Now …?

I hurriedly wrap gifts, put tape on them in awkward places, and throw a “stick-em” bow on the top …

If I bother to put a bow on at all.

I fail.

I know people who wrap everything in ONE color of paper, adding beautiful ribbons and bows.

I know others who have a different color wrapping paper for each member in their household.

I know women who collect cute fabric ribbons year-round,

And others who make “handmade” gift tags.

I love the IDEA of all those things.

I have visions of being a Perfect Woman.

Of course, I never come close to living up to my own ideals.

In fact, I doubt if anyone wraps gifts as half-ass as I do.

What are you like?

Do you use beautiful papers and gorgeous fabric ribbons?

Do you have gift wrapping magic?

Or are you more like me?

Filled with good intentions ….

26 Responses to “Are You a Good Gift Wrapper?”

  1. Diane

    I can be a good gift wrapper but have become lazy about it and now prefer to order something online and let them do the wrapping.

  2. Jenn in Tenn

    I’m with Stacy…gift bags are always a must….and I do love to wrap packages, wrapped boxes always look so nicely put together, but the more I do, the sloppier it gets!

  3. LindaP

    I worked in a department store that would wrap your in store purchases for free. I can wrap a gift using only 3 pieces of tape.

  4. Jan's Sushai Bar

    What’s this “gift wrapping” you speak of? My obsessive-compulsive, control-freak husband takes care of all that.

    You won’t hear me complaining.

  5. Julie in Michigan

    I try to be all Nelly neatness but after awhile I just try to make sure the jagged cut paper will completely cover the box and slap on some tape. hahaha

    • Twenty Four

      And don’t you hate it when the jagged cut doesn’t cover the box?
      Am I the only one who has “patchworked” pieces of wrapping paper together?

      • Julie in Michigan

        I’ve done the patchwork thingy too! (so funny)

  6. Kathy

    Just wondering…why not have someone else help with wrapping presents? If its going to cause you more pain…couldn’t the pain be better spent on something that’s just a teeny tiny bit trivial?
    Even Superwoman delegates 🙂

  7. Sandra

    I appreciate the time and effort others put into making a gift look nice. You won’t be oooing and awing over my gift wrapping abilities, however. I tend to do all my wrapping in one night, minus a few stragglers. I use 2 or 3 kinds of wrapping. A bow might go on top if I was smart enough to buy a bag of bows the previous year during clearance sales. Otherwise just a label goes on top which may or may not match the paper/colors.

  8. WebSavvyMom

    –>I intentionally buy presents that are easy to gift wrap. If it’s already in a box, I’m more likely to buy it. Gift bags are easy but I don’t think they’re as much fun to open. My son is so young that nothing of his goes in a gift bag but I will use them for the awkward shaped item for an adult. This year’s theme has been Gift Cards which are already wrapped.

    I do wrap in a flurry on the pool table with the music blasting. It’s also very convenient to our kegerator. This wasn’t an accident.


  9. Judi

    With five birthdays in our immediate families between December 21-29, plus Christmas, there’s just too much to wrap!

    The one thing I do is make the gift labels from last year’s Christmas cards. I cut out a picture that doesn’t have writing on the back, use a one-hole punch and some ribbon to attach it to the package. In my house, New Year’s Day is lazy pajama day, so that’s when I usually grab the cards and cut them up while watching football, then stash them in an envelope with the wrapping paper so they’re waiting for the following Christmas.

  10. Dorothy

    Gift bags are a godsend. Already decorated gift boxes are awesome. Place in container, squish tissue paper on top, maybe a piece of tape to keep it closed, Done! I keep the gift boxes and bags from year to year, too and just put a new sticky tag on top of the old one. If I work it right, I don’t even need to change the tag!! We had one large gift bag that made the rounds between recipients for about ten years lol. If I feel really energetic, a bow gets stuck on it somewhere.
    Gone are the time consuming days of precious, beautifully wrapped packages. I got a life, you know?

  11. Karen in S.E. Texas

    I do wrap gifts, but not a lot and most do not have bows, but may have pretty ribbon. I find the bows make the gifts difficult to stack around the tree. I also use gift bags and gift boxes, they have so many that are beautiful or cute and fun.


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