Google + Adds Communities

I apologize for writing back-to-back posts on the topic of social media.

Big things are going on in the social media world this week.

Yesterday, I wrote about New Myspace.

(By the way, New Myspace is rapidly making improvements, which is exactly what the developers should be doing while in beta.  I still haven’t had time to fully explore it, but I’ve already seen improvements.)

Today, I wanted to let you know Google + has announced communities.

Communities are like groups on Facebook or Flickr … but better.

You can form a community around a common interest.

For example, a local photographer has already formed an “Orange County Photographer’s” community.

It’s nice because it’s very simple to click on the community, and/or share, and/or lurk and learn, etc.

Google + just announced communities and people are creating them FAST.

Communities can be made public or private.



Graphic Designers?


Model airplane flyers?

You name it, there are communities forming around particular interests.

And guess what?

If there’s an area you’re interested in, you can form a community for it!

I’ve had an over-the-top, busy, week.  That means I haven’t had time to fully explore G+ communities.

I did receive several invitations to photography related communities already though.

For example, there’s one called The Photo Community and it’s open to everyone interested in photography.  Over 5,000 people joined it within hours of it being created.

Very late last night, I formed a community called Beach Photographers.  It’s a place for people to share beach, seascape, beach life photos.  They can also have discussions, share tips, etc.  (It is open to the public and you are WELCOME.)

Facebook, for most people, is about sharing with people you know.

G+ excels in interest based social networking.

G+ also has the advantage of “hangouts.”  Hangouts (which are similar to skype, but better) are great.

Communities on G+ have another advantage.  If I’m online and I find an awesome article about surfing, I can just + it to share it with the beach-related communities I belong to.

Here’s a one minute YouTube video that provides a quick look:

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