Movie Marathon

My family has been on a movie watching marathon this week.

In my normal “real” life, I rarely seem to have time to see movies.

In the last week we’ve seen:

•  Argo

•  Flight

•  Life of Pi

•  Zero Dark Thirty

•  This is 40

•  Skyfall

•  Les Miserables

•  The Dark Knight Rises

•  Ted

•  Lincoln

•  Seven Psychopaths

•  Silver Linings Playbook

I might be forgetting one or two?

I’ve enjoyed all of them.

Yes, my ass has grown two sizes over the holidays.

2 Responses to “Movie Marathon”

  1. Diane

    I’m right there with you when it comes to a bigger ass this time of the year. Must reduce it this spring.

  2. Kathy

    Which movie did you like the most? I can’t believe you sat still for that long! Did all that sitting in the theater help rest your arm and alleviate some of the pain? I sure hope so.


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