Things I Like Lately, Part II

As promised, I’m sharing a few more things I like today.

Maybe you’ll find a gift idea for someone you know,

(Or better yet, yourself!)

•  Breaking Bad  –  I can’t stop watching this TV series, and I am NOT a TV watcher.  I admit, I wasn’t so sure I liked it after watching the first episode.  Now?  I’m addicted!  (Just like some of the characters!)


•  Stackable bracelets  –  Stackable bracelets are “in” right now.  It’s fun to have some armor on, isn’t it?

•  Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs for Men  –  Hubba hubba!  They’re SOFT!  (And no, I don’t wear them myself.)

    Please note:  I’ve made this product photo as large as possible.  (Ahem …!)

•  Pretty colored bras  –  They make me happy.  (Sorry, no link provided.  Everybody has their own favorite brand anyway, right?)

Find a color that makes you feel pretty – even if no one’s going to see it.

•  Feed Reversible Bag  –  Funky and cute – and they help feed the hungry too!  I love Feed bags!

•  Clarisonic Pro  –  I’ve been using my Clarisonic, daily, for years now.  I love it as much as ever.  I like the “pro” version because it’s made for both your face AND body.  (It really does make a difference in your skin.)

•  Green Smoothie Revolution:  The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health  –  Some of you sent in questions recently when I mentioned my family drinks a lot of “green” smoothies.  I would not say we’re a green, health-crazed, California-fanatic, family but we do try to eat our vegetables.  (My mom told me I should!)  This book is a good place to find some (good tasting) beginning recipes if you’re new to the green smoothie concept.  Maybe it’s something to consider for yourself?


Okay, that’s it for today!

I hope I gave you a few “starter” ideas for the holidays!

8 Responses to “Things I Like Lately, Part II”

  1. Julie in Michigan

    Oh my, thanks for posting the briefs! ooh la la

  2. Diane

    We too love Breaking Bad and started watching it last year on Netflix.. it’s pretty crazy. LOL

    Oh and stackable bracelets are the total bomb in my world.


    • Suzanne

      It IS crazy. It’s so intense!
      Bracelets are awesome! : )


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